Shanghai 750 - Lightweight & Hydrogen powered


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    Shanghai 750 - Lightweight & Hydrogen powered

    Post by Windy on Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:42 am

    SAIC Shanghai 750 hydrogen-powered car, nearly 270 Kg of weight loss

    SAIC many independent companies in the country has always been committed to the development of new energy field.  Recently held in Shanghai China International Industry Fair, SAIC once again showcasing many new lightweight technology and other energy products and the latest achievements in science and technology.  Which deserves attention is the exhibition of Shanghai brand hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the first time use of lightweight technology, while based on the Roewe 750 platform to build.  Netcom agency official was informed from SAIC, SAIC is developing lightweight hydrogen-powered car brand in Shanghai, body weight has been reduced 270 Kg, weight loss ratio of 7.03%, which is the domestic first-line car companies will integrate cutting-edge technology presented in a Taiwan models.

    Weight 270 Kg saved, 36 kinds of lightweight components

    According to SAIC 12th Five Year Plan period will invest 6 billion yuan for cutting-edge technology research and development, mainly in new energy vehicles and vehicle networking lightweight three cutting-edge technology.  The Shanghai brand on display will be the application of a number of hydrogen vehicles lightweight technology, including magnesium alloy wheels, lightweight hood outer panel and other 36 kinds of lightweight components used to make it to achieve a substantial reduction in curb weight, which also making the car's mileage and vehicle performance has been increased dramatically.  Relying on the Shanghai fuel cell drive sedans, the hydrogen fuel cell is the main energy source, battery power as an auxiliary force, becomes SAIC independently developed a new generation of fuel cell cars.

    SAIC to enhance vehicle performance through lightweight and endurance of philosophy, has entered the practical application stage.  Currently, the Roewe in the sale of pure electric vehicles E50 also applied the corresponding lightweight technologies such as ultra-high strength steel, SMC composite lightweight materials; charging port and tailgate etc emerging synthesis of composite materials, vehicle mass of only 1080kg , make it lighter quality endurance greatly enhanced.

    2015 SAIC hydrogen fuel cell vehicle program production

    In the field of fuel cell vehicles, at this stage of the research and development of Shanghai SAIC Brand hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, has produced more than 50, provided to SAIC's corporate management personnel; according to SAIC announced plans fuel cell vehicles, fuel cell vehicles by 2015 will industrialization, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian and other second-tier cities on sale, the initial plans to produce 1,000 vehicles, vehicle costs at $ 0.5 million.

    In addition to outside SAIC, FAW, Changan, Chery and other independent companies have begun with domestic universities, new energy power companies to conduct joint research and development, the formation of the power system with independent intellectual property rights and technology platforms.  At this stage, the major independent car fuel prices have entered the tram has run demonstration phase.

    Think globally, in 2013 many of the world-renowned car prices are in the research and development of fuel cell vehicles to carry out the project.  R & D cooperation such as BMW and Toyota FCV fuel cell vehicles, Volkswagen and Toyota also announced the development of the battery in 2020 and based power systems, Nissan also plans with Ford, Daimler development of fuel cell.  Last year, the State Council promulgated the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" has been mentioned, "fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen vehicles with international development."

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