Roewe 350 wins Customer Satisfaction Survey, MG3 is runner up


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    Roewe 350 wins Customer Satisfaction Survey, MG3 is runner up

    Post by Windy on Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:49 am

    So there is no need to worry about the build quality of your new MG3, it is up there with the best, but not quite as good as a 350 Smile

    SAIC awarded in 2013 automobile user satisfaction several first place

    Recently, the "2013 China Automotive User Satisfaction Survey (CACSI)" hot baked result, have drawn attention.  Throughout the year, customer satisfaction evaluation, the independent brand overall satisfaction index is lower than the industry average, but SAIC Passenger Vehicle Company as the country's leading independent brand enterprise has come out on top in this evaluation, assessment scores in each group is not only a leading independent general brand, a joint venture with many mainstream brands and even luxury brands to keep pace.  According to China Association for Quality announcement data, SAIC's Roewe 350 passenger car segment achieved first place in the impressive customer satisfaction scores, while the Roewe brand also won the group its own brand sales and service satisfaction first crown , the joint venture also many mainstream behind.

    It is understood that the "China Automotive User Satisfaction Survey (CACSI)" by the China Quality Association, National Committee organized since 2002 start date for 11 years, has become a vehicle manufacturers and automotive vehicle users judge the quality of an important reference.  The large-scale evaluation of targeted market selling 138 brand models, the scope of investigation for the country's 48 major cities.  The evaluation of the depth of coverage, making many car companies, brands, models immersive exams, degree of competition is unprecedented.  With so many strong competitors, SAIC company's hot-selling passenger car Roewe 350, MG3 is still able to come to the fore once again proved long SAIC passenger force by virtue of superior products, professional and meticulous service accumulated under good market reputation.

    As "the most perfect sense of technology Jiajiao" Roewe 350, the highest score of 81 points in the "£7-10,000 car," the group won the championship is not surprising.  After years of market reputation inspection, the Roewe 350 with large space, superior safety performance, user-friendly technology and a high price to win the majority of users, September sales data over 10,000 sold and nearly 50% year on year increase is enough to explain Consumers Roewe 350 highly recognized.  Of particular concern is that more than 70% of the Roewe 350 owners are optional SAIC inkaNet3.0 intelligent vehicle systems.  This system not only through intelligent routing functions, to avoid congested roads and improve traffic efficiency, but also through the intelligent voice recognition system, voice operation, the total liberation of the hands of drivers eyes, avoid driving to see text messages, missed calls, adjust the navigation driving potential risks.  I believe this is consumers will Roewe 350 satisfaction as an important factor.

    "British fine car" MG3 a score of 77 places in the "£7-8,000 compact car" group gains runner-up, with only one championship point difference.  A0-class quality car always ranked top three market MG3, MG brand has always been the best spokesperson.  Legend of the historic British brand MG SAIC cars in five hundred companies build strength, is working full of vitality, rapid development momentum in the increasingly prominent rushes its origin in personality, temperament and creativity, resulting in fierce market competition to win the support of more and more consumers.

    In addition to aggressively embrace by user models Satisfaction Award, but also a number of passenger cars SAIC Brand Award in the bag.  SAIC's Roewe brand among a score of 82 own-brand sales and service satisfaction ranking list, 82 points not only set its own brand sales and service satisfaction, the highest score is reached with a considerable level of mainstream venture brands, even beyond the part of a joint venture brand.  In the after-sales service satisfaction, SAIC Roewe brand also performed well, scores 78 points beat many brands, and so the highest score and joint venture brands was only 79 points compared to only one step away.

    Currently, SAIC passenger cars in order to meet rising product sales, is continuing to expand the dealer network, and gradually improve sales and service system, and strive to eliminate blank outlets, the majority of owners to provide more quality and convenient sales services.  In the after-sales service, SAIC passenger cars as early as 2011 on the launch of an innovative service products "home repair Jie" to "home-style" approach to service features, covering all aspects of the owners can be solved without leaving home maintenance and repair issues, saving time and expense costs.  The introduction of more than two years, "house Jie repair" spare no effort to listen to voice of the customer, in the full analysis of feedback information and the actual needs of the owners, based on the ongoing optimization and upgrading, satisfaction rate of over 99%.  It is precisely because SAIC has always been emphasis on service, making the "house Jie repair" China is becoming a new benchmark for automotive service areas.

    SAIC passenger cars in the "China Automotive User Satisfaction Survey (CACSI)" achieved such success, it is in the market and the consumers of their product quality, customer satisfaction excellence strong returns.  One can imagine, SAIC passenger cars will continue adhering to the "high starting point, international, differentiated" concept, insist on high quality products and services relentless pursuit to better quality, safe, environmentally friendly products and excellent service to repay the majority of consumers.

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