Entry point MG arrives in NZ at last


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    Entry point MG arrives in NZ at last

    Post by patpending on Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:49 pm


    The car looks terrific, and will stand-out among the blobby sameness of the B/C segment in supermarket carparks, with crisp, straight edges and a nose-down wedge-like profile.

    The reborn brand deserves to live in a form of its own and any slavish link with the past is ill-advised in the here and now buying decisions of the modern motorist, many of whom think of MGs as mainly rag-topped cars driven by usually an older motorist.
    This observation is meant with no disrespect to MG-owners of this old and admired school, as it is they, rather than the oft mis-managed brand itself that have maintained world interest in the marque.
    However, for every MG fan there are many thousands of other small-car aspirants that the modern MG marque needs to conquer before if it is to make the kind of profits required to give it the wherewithal to finance modern renderings of its stock-in-trade sports cars.

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