MG90 - 90 years of MG


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    MG90 - 90 years of MG

    Post by Windy on Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:48 am

    preparations are under way:

    SAIC MG sports car cornering British style!

    To celebrate the anniversary MG90, SAIC MG Foshan Wing Chun radio shop will work together to leap 924 Games held three days car large car events in Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center field, will showcase at the event MG3.MG5.MG6 entire department vehicles, which 1-2 static show, the 3rd special events in various fun activities to make you understand the MG test drive the car as well as a large number of activities waiting for you to come and collect gifts make you high turn all day!  So that everyone in the dynamic, exciting, fun competitions and games during excavation entertainment elements of the car, the car culture to experience the charm.

    5 月 号 3 MG special day for everyone to prepare a variety of fun games, without prior registration, you can always sign up at the site, which reported that play!  Award-day activity kept the game prizes!  Three games to challenge your projects, as long as you dare to play, we will dare to send!  There are full-line models offer more to make you s heart, low price low to turn the entire fifty-one make you happy!

    Playing a (Athletics: Track)  

    Competition rules:
    1, the head coach to set the standard time to complete the track, competition performance to standard time is infinitely close to winning!
    2, the contestants ran track done with when calculated in accordance with the rules drawn Speedway race results of the project to the reference time is infinitely close to victory.
    Eligibility: 0757-83398339 before the event through registration, audit qualification by the organizers.

    Game two (difficult shift library)  

    Participants driving MG3, as required to complete the route shift library action.
    Special settings: enhancing move library difficulty Eligibility: citizens holding a valid driver's license can participate.

    Game three (car plug box)  

    Participants within the specified time the fastest car MG6 to plug the box.  Boxes can not throw, run back and forth must be based on the form of transport to the MG6 car.
    Eligibility: All members of the public.  Playing every single person.

    Site to participate in activities, a chance to get MG theme T-shirt!

    MG theme T-shirt  

    Static car display area
    MG MG3 MG5 MG6 car will demonstrate all models, allowing people to fully experience the MG Car pure rich British style, as well as the perfect acoustics show, fashion appearance, and the negative performance of the understanding.

    2014 version of the European version of MG3  

    "MG car" to force big deals in Foshan sports car events MG Series cars will enjoy the following benefits:
    Enjoy the full line MG3 2 years 0 interest rates, car Ji Song ten thousand yuan spree.
    MG6 ultra-low first Fu Yicheng since 2 years 0 interest rates, cash discount 12,000 yuan, Ji Song ten thousand yuan car packs.
    MG5 ultra-low first Fu Yicheng since 2 years 0 interest rates, cash discount 10,000 yuan, donated ten thousand yuan spree.
    (RMB package includes: original proof membrane, original carpet, upgraded navigation + visual reversing the image.)


    "Drive to Britain" campaign Beijing auto show grand start

    April 20, by the love of driving and MGCC Chinese joint planning media-sponsored "drove to Britain" campaign in SAIC Passenger Vehicle Company for their support, in the 13th Beijing International Auto Show media day held a grand SAIC booth departure ceremony.  National mainstream media on behalf of the General Manager, Mr. Ms. Lauran Gallacher MGCC global headquarters from the UK marketing manager Abington Julian White attended the scene, announced China's first self-financed organization by the MG fans across Eurasia single-brand fleet of 27 will be officially starting from Xi'an, along the Silk Road, after crossing 13 countries, arrived in the United Kingdom, to participate in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the MG brand, held June 21 at Silverstone.

    Miss Lauran Gallacher MGCC global headquarters Marketing Manager Speech

    Lauran Gallacher love driving in an interview with Network interview, said, MG Car Club (MG CAR CLUB, referred MGCC), founded in 1930, is composed by a single fan of the brand owner, the world's largest automobile club, the club more than 1000 worldwide annually held at Silverstone in the UK "MG Live!" MG attract countless fans the world crazy.  In the MG brand to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the MG car at Silverstone able to usher in the car across the Eurasian continent from the Chinese fans, is a pile MGCC family event, she and her husband are deeply Julian White, General Manager excited.

    MGCC Chinese CMC chairman Yanghuai De briefed reporters, through 90 years of years of the MG brand has the most profound, the most classic British cars most attractive cultural heritage, has the world's most extensive and loyal group of owners, forming a active and unique fan club culture.  To better carry forward the tradition in China MG car culture unique, three years ago MGCC China formally established by the brand in Shanghai Auto Show, three years after the build-3 series MG models, brought together 100 000 MG riders dreams and passions, heavy Walking the Silk Road, across eight time zones, across thousands of kilometers, driving to the birthplace of the British MG will visit MGCC global headquarters, MG factory ruins, MG museum, full touch experience and integration into the bone marrow of the MG brand sporting events culture.

    Yanghuai De, Lauran Gallacher and MG Cars photo

    Market Operations Director Lin Jiayu SAIC MG brand passenger car company said that as a highlight of the 90th anniversary of the MG brand series of celebrations, entirely by "drove to the British" self-organized activities of the owners not only to fill the rich culture of the Chinese car, but a reflection of the world Changes in the automotive industry: in China, SAIC MG brand is not only heritage classic charm, but with the support of the powerful capabilities of SAIC under Huanran.  Just eight years, MG has built in China MG6 , MG5, MG3 and other vehicle models, so that the legendary British brand back in the middle of the world automotive stage.

    "Drove to the British" 2013 Annual China as selected special driving route planning activities started in early November last year, after nearly five months to recruit preparations, has six cars into teams on March 21 this year, the first Chinese driving Conference announced the establishment of the team (which won the annual design line segment selected long-term Chinese humanities Silver), April 27 officially starting gathered in Xi'an.  In a two-month journey, love driving nets will be released as the official media of the first fleet of the latest developments and the journey time sharing, real-time tracking and support for the event called attention to the user group through love driving network, microblogging, micro-letters, Video to interact with the team, so to pass the enthusiasm of Chinese fans in the UK, the British Silverstone's fast and furious returned home.


    1924 to date, from birth to rage, and then precipitated with freshmen, 90 years, countless have dreams and passion MG people, so this legendary British brand continue to create brilliant.  From William? Morris and Cecil? Kimber together to create the first MG sports car, "the word God is One (Old No.1)" began to beat Ferrari Rally king of K3 Magnette, with the world's first four wheel disc brakes car MGA, MG sales hit a record of the legendary sports car MGB, then the Queen car MG TF, and both cars halls of the world's shining star.  In addition, MG also gives the track with passion, sport is its nature, it carries the dream of many legendary riders in the UK and other major BTCC touring car track record breaking legend.




    MGC GT

    MG on the Beijing auto show booth, old and new star models MG gathered together to create an atmosphere full of British automotive world: the "British fine car" MG3 , "sport hatchback pioneer" MG5, as well as "British cross hatchback " MG6 represented SAIC MG three cars glamor infinite , the leading position; integration of the Union Jack, stripes and other elements of the 90th anniversary of the British car stickers for three cars totaled 4.9 MG 90 Anniversary Edition models put on a "birthday dress."  The classic car - MGC GT stunning debut for the first time, the leadership of MG classic car enthusiasts re Wenying Lun style, feel heavy brand history and culture.  The advent of cars in 1967, a top speed of 193 km, a hundred kilometers in just 10 seconds, is the 21st century, a sixties fastest car.  In 1969, an MGC GT 3.0L models purchased by the British Prince Charles, became one of his favorite models.


    Number of posts : 3322
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    Re: MG90 - 90 years of MG

    Post by Windy on Mon May 05, 2014 10:36 am

    MG Roewe Cup start college automotive design contest

    April 30, by the SAIC passenger sponsored the second " Roewe • MG Cup "Chinese college students at Tongji University Jiading Automobile Design Contest kicked off.  This is SAIC passenger cars after 2013 successfully held the first contest, again providing a stage for the realization of the dream the dream carries automotive design college students.  This year is the 90th anniversary of the MG brand in the coming month period, carries the dream of car design

    "90" college students will be "MG90 Any time I type" as the theme of the design of future MG sports car , let the Chinese original-looking car designed to attract attention from the global design community.

    The contest launching ceremony, guests and representatives from universities SAIC jointly lit "MG90 +" logo.  This year marks the 90th anniversary of the MG brand, the contest to select the representative of "personality, temperament, creativity," the MG models as a design direction, the players will "MG90 Any time I type" design theme, designed for the 2025 MG brand personality future heritage sports or GT car .  On the basis of this competition last term on further expand the scope of radiation, and the world class universities related design professional school students collect entries.

    According to reports, from now until mid-June, the participating college students can submit work.  Awards Competition Awards are divided into preliminaries and finals awards: preliminaries will produce 15 finalists award, after fierce competition finals will produce six winners as well as other individual awards.  Contest judges will be "irrelevant, innovation, aesthetics, performance, integrity" principle, combined with the design concept and model quality, tough to pick out the most potential good works.  Award finalists get players can participate SAIC "Wing Campus" summer internship and a chance to win cash prizes, one second prize winners will also go to the UK to attend SAIC "of British design journey."

    " Roewe • MG Cup "China Automobile Design Contest college students love cars designed both for outstanding students with a perfect stage of self-realization, but also for automotive enterprises to provide a rare opportunity to explore talent.  When the tournament was first held in 2013, the industry won a good reputation.  The first competition is not only received 330 copies of designs from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, the Royal College of Art and other institutions within and outside the 80 Yusuo Hai, more show hunting inspiration from college students to the idea of ​​creativity, from design to model making other links in the exhibit superb design level.  In addition, one of the top three winners of the second prize has recently gained SAIC passenger cars officially hired, and embarked on a week-long "tour of British design."

    SAIC passenger cars are to a high degree of corporate social responsibility, lead and promote the development of China's automotive design industry.  After the launch of the contest, SAIC passenger car design director also shared with college students under the age of big data thinking about the future of automotive design to broaden everyone's horizons and stimulate everyone's interest.  College students to actively interact with the visiting teacher at the forum, showing the younger generation of Chinese automobile great concern in the future, more and more of a dream of talents willing to join the Chinese automotive career.

    The second session of the " Roewe • MG Cup "China Automobile Design Contest college event details please click:

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