Chen Hong: MG goes big, goes racing, gets new engines, gets new sports car


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    Re: Chen Hong: MG goes big, goes racing, gets new engines, gets new sports car

    Post by Windy on Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:37 am

    mg-zs wrote:We always need to pay import tax for cars outside Holland.
    I thought Holland, like the UK, was within the European Union Free Trade Area, but obviously not Shocked 

    We in the UK don't pay import tax if we buy a car in Holland, although if we import a new car then we do have to pay UK VAT, but not Dutch VAT I think.

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    Re: Chen Hong: MG goes big, goes racing, gets new engines, gets new sports car

    Post by mg-zs on Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:41 pm

    We only 1 Europe if its convenient for them.
    But if there is money to be made we not lol

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    Re: Chen Hong: MG goes big, goes racing, gets new engines, gets new sports car

    Post by Windy on Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:33 am

    There isn't much new in this, but we haven't had any news for a while so I'm posting it anyway:

    Austin and the coin

    SAIC MG coin recycling significance Cards seven years ago, first MG, Roewe after there. This is a deliberate winning at SAIC to expand overseas will not avoid the cards. SAIC also should have a "local cuisine," the excellent craftsmanship, but also from German uniform charging standard is associated with enlightenment?

    The proportion of local, MG and Roewe between 1:3, MG currently only sold more than 60,000 vehicles. The members of the light on the formation of the MG brand in Europe with more than 40 million of this is not the market SAIC digging depth resources? Last year, SAIC brand passenger growth rate of 15%, reaching 230,000, the growth rate slowed down .

    "MG Not only do big, bigger to do. And will introduce international team to operate, this is the best card in the hands of SAIC." SAIC chairman Chen Hong said. The best hand, but also to assess the situation in order to out? Universal Volkswagen is SAIC's two joint venture partners, from the early market entry into the moment is even more powerful. In the first half, there is the background of the British Jaguar Land Rover cumulative domestic sales reached 62,000.

    In this regard, the real purpose of the acquisition of MG SAIC year, is an independent steering Roewe independent platform independent word from the perspective of the manufacturing sector is more important than anything else; many years SAIC in mind, always hold the breath, never degenerated into a joint venture The "official told us." There does not give up one's stubborn spirit.

    MG and Roewe brand how to play First European parts suppliers can rely on excess resources, and it is the depth of the autonomous growth of the use of resources;? Second, relying on broad-based market resources formed the history of the MG brand, leveraging constitute Roewe second spring market; third is made in China and overseas markets, rising internal quality, especially in RMB exchange rate has been established center for the expansion of Sino-British trade laid the foundation in London, UK; Fourth 2015 Sino-British trade will amount to $ 100 billion and to establish a strategic partnership in the field of infrastructure; Fifth Eurasia highlighted the role of economic corridors, on its own conditions, China to speed up the upgrading of industrial structure, with the relevant national industrial development complementary enhancement; This is MG Roewe, a loss for both sides, a prosperity of the development of the core?

    Coin recycling

    In 1895, Austin was a woolen machinery factory engineer, he was the boss suggested to open a factory in the United Kingdom. Boss agreed to open a branch, in 1896 a success. It was do or not do? Much money, partner or quit after all dry, then flip a coin to decide, such as a coin heads up to do, such as down to give up. After throwing out the British auto industry pioneered. This is the story of a coin.

    In the streets of the UK, every Englishman would say, MG is a good brand, we have deep feelings on it, MG is the ultimate pleasure, is relatively good performance car brand.

    Birmingham mayor said, referring MG: If you have old, you want to look younger, then you open the MG; If you are young, you want to be successful on the open MG.


    Why should Roewe and MG separate operations? MG brand from England, after the merger is gradually being SAIC European market and the role of plants in the world.

    According to SAIC revealed: MG in overseas markets have a good customer base, MG club has over 40 million members, which can be purchased as MG percent again, you can make SAIC brand tripled.

    That year, when MG most dazzling cooperation with BMW, MINI is the first production platform from the MG out. People can clearly feel the atmosphere of England MINI, MINI car enthusiasts buy buy that kind of style is MINI.

    Today, SAIC MG MINI spirit in the England Everbright up to the local market, there must be many young people chasing the pace of this trend, the car is not just a means of transport is simple in nature, what car is more representative of the people, personality, preferences. MG highlight the different recycling spirit with others!

    Chen Hong from the outset that the day of acquisition MG, MG brand is actually SAIC my hand allows a baby to stand up independently. When the key is how to make good use of this "Tathagata"?

    This is prompting SAIC really runs Europe, even bigger and stronger cross-market local motivation. But recycling SAIC MG brand will put forward higher requirements, and the owner of the home users Roewe mainly different, MG owners especially international owners, a group of people who understand the car the car, they have their own understanding of the MG brand, the pursuit of Fast and the Furious, let MG return, SAIC addition to the marketing to meet consumer demand, but also a breakthrough products and technologies.


    To MG independent. "If Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM, build brand division, responsible for directly by the Minister of brand division of the brand. Late 2007, SAIC integrated NAC With advance the integration process, in February 2009, NAC MG brand also double while the main objective of the operation is the original integration were integrated in order to save resources and accelerate profitable.

    At that time Shanghai passenger car Roewe and MG will be implemented and MG net sales, a dealer can sell at the same time, MG and Roewe brands models. So strong that the two brands are not strong twist, not enough resources, separate operations, more dispersed resources, is likely to face two brands do not up the case. The merger is able to reduce administrative costs, improve operational efficiency, promote two independent brands to accelerate profitable process.

    Seven years, SAIC has five unified, unified planning and development, unified marketing, unified procurement, manufacturing layout; five unified form the basis of the independent operation of the MG, SAIC also live chess using both internal and external strategic resources .

    SAIC brand technology greatly improved, with the technical ability to restore MG brand sports gene. MG brand will be further strengthened. And dual-brand Roewe defined between will be more clear.


    Two months ago, SAIC issued a new generation called "CUBE-TECH" full-line direct injection engine, which means that SAIC become the Chinese automobile industry, while the capture of the first efficient engines and advanced automatic transmission auto companies.

    SAIC plans to the end of the year listed MG Chevrolet pioneered the use of the technology, the new 1.4T engine assembly, after which the new powertrain technology will be rolled out on SAIC's full line product.

    MG GT 9 month listing of the preliminary investigation is under way into the UK market. In addition, equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines MG brand new sports car will be officially unveiled in 2020 and mass production.

    Currently, SAIC has developed a series of products to revitalize the local market MG program. In the UK market, the introduction of a diesel version of the MG6 and MG3, SAIC and the MG TROPHY for the 2015 Challenge to build a car racing version MG3-making track speeding SAIC MG version passionate fans and a return to racing.

    From the perspective of the positive development capabilities, the 2012 Shanghai Automotive Technical Center Shanghai headquarters 3000. Technology center around the "innovation" and "international operations" two themes gathered technical research talent from China, Britain, Italy, South Korea and other countries, the establishment of an innovative spirit and good teamwork internationalization of outstanding engineers.


    Broadly speaking, SAIC into "two Chen" era gives a deeper insight autonomous maturation process and the joint venture partner in two large-scale cooperation in, than at any time should consciously emphasizes the importance of the development of its own brand solid work .

    "China's auto industry development of independent personal feeling brands take a lot of detours, encountered many obstacles, but I think a strong build China's own brand strategy is not wrong, is the lack of time and heat." Chih-Hsin Chen says.

    As of the end of 2012, SAIC new energy vehicle industry, total investment reached 4.6 billion yuan, SAIC will develop research and development costs into the cost of specialized engineering, manufacturing abrasive car production costs, and the external input suppliers.

    SAIC believes Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid cars in SAIC 15 years to 20 years, plug-in hybrid will be a strong market vitality.

    Continued to face traditional power upgrades, new energy vehicle development process to occupy the market, well equipped Roewe 350 plug-in hybrid dynamic systems, from a strategic point of view, SAIC has completed the first phase of the development of the first generation of new energy products and the second phase of the SAIC achieve commercial operation. And implement marketing year 1000-2000 vehicles listed program, and then, annual sales of 5000-6000 units. This is a general city SAIC will build 50 km of customers when mileage balance as the market entry point technology. SAIC is also why dispatched to seize a key high-end plug-in hybrid market.

    Thus truly SAIC technological breakthroughs and policy effectively combine; accumulation of resources and brand market effectively combine; the technology has been in the dead downwind twist into an autonomous multi-platform and combine; This is both SAIC independent soul, while SAIC has consistently adhered to the less do more restrained style.

    Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid car uses a full-time full-hybrid system to three nuclear drive, EDU smart electric drive transmission to achieve a 2.3L 100 km fuel consumption and mileage of up to 500km. Pure electric mode which is integrated road mileage of 58km.

    Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid version of, for example, if 1/3 of the oil, 2/3 of the time to make electricity, fuel economy up to 70%. SAIC plug-in hybrid technology is not the first choice of the market capacity of the larger 350, but positioned higher 550 models.

    Deputy director of SAIC Motor Technical Center Zhu said that foreign brands invested heavily trend products do not their purpose, headed by its own brand Roewe through their own efforts and invested heavily, has done the most mainstream of the global future of technology Trends judgments and grasp.

    As of 2012 funds have been put in place 4.6 billion, SAIC continue to invest in the future of new energy vehicles. SAIC will use multi-legged and simultaneous development of pure electric, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, and other new energy products.

    SAIC did not want a general height of the platform, to create a kind of dignity and autonomy for the country to bring a breakthrough in Britain and respective capabilities between comparative advantage.

    Therefore, Chen Hong independent advocate SAIC MG brand is not only far-reaching significance, but also heavier responsibilities.


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