Chen Hong: SAIC to strengthen its own brand


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    Chen Hong: SAIC to strengthen its own brand

    Post by Windy on Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:51 am

    To strengthen its own brand SAIC Chen Hong to directly face the four problems

    In the original one and a half hours of media communication time, the new chairman of SAIC Chen Hong to think for themselves and explain the time over one hour. Obviously, Chen Hong for the largest domestic automotive group in the future, thinking a lot. The "great challenge" for its own car brand also cause abnormalities may face sober. Took office less than three months, Chen Hong is on Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC") launched a large-scale personnel and organizational adjustments.

    August 13, SAIC announced that the appointment of Wang Xiaoqiu, Shenyang, Hai-Liang Zhang, Blue Pine and other four executives served as vice president of the company, the appointment process as the company's chief engineer thunder. So far, the new organizational structure SAIC officially surfaced. The range of variation is relatively large, the number will be more, almost all of the business lines companies. "Currently, in addition to SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Nanjing Iveco, Sunwin three commercial enterprises, SAIC executives of all five vehicle sector achieved promotion.

    Personnel changes in the date of the report of the dust has settled, SAIC officially released the first half of the performance report. Semi-annual disclosure of August 13 evening show that first-half operating income of 318.262 billion yuan, an increase of 13.90%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 13.573 billion yuan, an increase of 18.37%; basic earnings per share of 1.231 yuan.

    This is undoubtedly a high-growth half-year results, but Chen Hong was not satisfied. "SAIC although rising sales rankings, but the brand power, the 500 can not enter." Chen Hong said frankly. Currently, shouldering the burden of SAIC enhance the brand power of independent sector, its passenger cars and commercial vehicles cumulative proportion remains to 5% Group sales.

    A more serious challenge is SAIC plate is facing a "fall behind" embarrassing situation: the product, planning lag, showing new car interrupted crisis, the layout of the existing product line, though relatively intact, but the lack of monthly sales over a million fists products; research and development, R & D ideas and demand of the market, and updating the update is not timely; in terms of branding, Roewe and MG always rest on our laurels, branding almost no investment resources; stalled on distribution channels, brand marketing strategies to promote sub-network slow channel risk has emerged.

    Unlike its Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, a joint venture have brands, technology, capital and excellent management to do security, independent sector is becoming the biggest challenge Chen Hong stronger SAIC. In Chen Hong, this is a challenge and an opportunity, "SAIC to become a world-renowned brand influence companies without their own independent brand car how you called it? Our brand and technology to do it, this is our The top strategy. "

    In fact, how to group resources and joint sector has become the first independent brand driven topics Chen Hong took over. In the latest appointments, Wang Xiaoqiu become a subsidiary of SAIC's only three, was appointed group vice president also served as general manager of the subsidiary's executives. This means Xiaoqiu been given a high privilege to strengthen independent sector, while Wang Xiaoqiu years of management experience in the joint venture is also seen as reflecting Chen Hong, "a joint venture financed independent" ideas.

    "After Wang (Wang Xiaoqiu) office has been doing market research in different areas, he hopes to develop targeted strategies and planning for SAIC passenger car segment witnessed sales line by the way." SAIC passenger inside near Xiaoqiu told reporters.

    In fact, Chen Hong for stronger independent sector reforms far beyond simple personnel arrangements. Announced personnel changes at the same time, SAIC adjust the relevant organization, set up a strategic research and knowledge and information center, as well as Advanced Technology Research Department at SAIC management functions to increase the company's market capitalization at the board office.

    "Advanced Technology Research Department, SAIC will help strengthen the capacity of passenger car sector technology research and development, and in terms of complement and complete product line, we have a plan, especially the MG brand, we will have launched an A-class cars and urban SUV models, in one fell swoop to seize the largest and fastest growing segment of the market segments. "The insider told reporters.

    "Group brand that we have not been mining gold, if we put our brand to do it, either to support the market value of our company, but also can provide a powerful endorsement for SAIC's own brand." Chen Hong said, "SAIC's end of the road must persevere. "Chen Hong believes that SAIC targeting high-end line is not wrong, but the current SAIC brand's influence is still relatively weak, and talk alone can not solve this problem, but also on live ammunition .

    Reporter: You just talked about the organizational structure of the adjustment to be announced, it means that reform and technological innovation will have some breakthrough in the mechanism of protection?

    Chen Hong: About institutional adjustment, there are two reasons. We stressed that the SAIC headquarters as a "mind-type" company, and want to understand how to make things, good planning is the key; Second, with our development strategy for SAIC has always emphasized innovation and overseas markets, these features in our Group headquarters are reflected. Future have the appropriate support mechanisms, reform is necessary, we do not reform our pace across not go out.

    Reporter: SAIC brand development for so many years is very good brand, product line very well, but there are some practical problems, such as without some competitive products, we have no internal reflection, how to do better?

    Chen Hong: This is where people often been criticized. First, we also reflect on their own internal where we can do better. Our product line is longer than pull, but too little amount of product in each segment, the size is too small. This shows that each of our product segments accuracy for target groups is not enough. Future market segments for the target population, we will market strategy, product strategy and brand strategy to do a better combination.

    In addition to technical problems, but also need to think about how to brand, product and technology combine better. Domestic auto industry to do the brand is relatively short time, but compared to 2007, our understanding of its own brand has been completely different, in the present basis, we have confidence in the future development.

    Reporter: In the marketing and channels, Roewe and MG brands will be distinguished?

    Chen Hong: two separate brands is certainly playing. Team was able to score points department we try now to do the. We are repositioning the brand, the brand positioning into what people accept the highest level, we need the products, markets combined. Better in brand strategy, product strategy, sales strategy, then the dealer resources will come back.

    Reporter: Can you tell us about your main job which took several months of work and thinking?

    Chen Hong: took office less than three months now, in fact, nothing special, because I was the president of SAIC also has a decade. Zhi Xin total came after the daily work is always in charge of Chi-hsin, I would consider the subject, let us discuss what is the vision of the company's development, should be how to locate, what is our strategic focus. Now the new team was announced, the meeting took down the work to further refine the distribution.

    Reporter: In your tenure, what goals you set for yourself yet?

    Chen Hong: The company's vision is to become a global layout, multinational operations, with core competitiveness and brand influence of the world's leading automobile company, which is our development goals.


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    Re: Chen Hong: SAIC to strengthen its own brand

    Post by patpending on Fri Aug 15, 2014 4:09 am

    so it's not only NAC which was not driven by the market and customer requirements - which are doubtless driven by developments at Western JV partners.

    we have not been mining gold

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