Auto Express: Fun affordable cars group test


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    Auto Express: Fun affordable cars group test

    Post by patpending on Wed Aug 20, 2014 2:41 pm

    Two tiny 3-door cars vs. MG3. Not really testing the same thing?

    1. Citigo.

    2. 108. (Not the FUN hem hem Aygo?)

    3. MG3

    A good looking and decent handling car, the MG3 nearly hits the fun on a budget sweet spot at £99 a month, plus it’s bigger and more spacious than its rivals. Sadly, high emissions result in expensive running costs, while the outdated engine’s poor refinement is also an issue. The MG’s low cabin quality, firm ride and three-star Euro NCAP rating are big concerns as well.

    I think you can take issue with each of those conclusions - high "emissions" do not equal "expensive running costs" let alone "cabin quality" which I think is good on the 3, a softer ride than I was expecting and a Euro NCAP rating the others would get now, presumably.

    I see the PCP calculation sees the 3 Form Sport lose more real money in three years (62.8%/£5,997) than the 67bhp 3-door Peugeot 108 (£4,522, 53.6%)...

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