Maxus G10: Test drive & sales review.


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    Maxus G10: Test drive & sales review.

    Post by Windy on Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:32 am

    Interesting that the most expensive Executive Deluxe Edition is by far the most popular...

    SAIC Maxus G10 test drive

    G10 is SAIC Maxus brand system introduced under the first MPV models, it can be said that Maxus 's first self-developed new models ( Maxus V80 as a light passenger is SAIC product after the acquisition of British MAXUS models), since April this year Since officially listed, less than half the time.  I had the opportunity through the SAIC Maxus G10 (hereinafter referred to as G10) of the test drive first exposure to this own brand MPV models, this car's driving and riding experience feelings are not the focus of this article.

    Honestly, for MPV practicality and versatility of this kind to the main transport properties of pure vehicle, not my kind of "Keyboard Rider" plus " cars have souls, "who in the past rhetoric of concern.  But before I new Odyssey bit origin, also compared the new GL8 , contact these MPV later models, the use of space for their powerful and beyond impressed with the comfort of the car, then began to imagine if I have two kids later, when seemingly seven need a car ...... this is more and more families will consider MPV models reason, coupled with its commercial value and everyone lifestyle changes (more traveling by car and carpool travel mode), MPV models steadily increased market heat is not surprising.

    Coming back to G10 this model, since June this year, the official start of delivery of the vehicle, in the domestic market of more than 2000 units, of which automatic models accounted for 80%, while the top model (219,800 yuan) which accounted for 43%.  The following are various configurations corresponding models G10 Price:

    Ultimate (not listed)  2.0T 6AT £26.98K
    Executive Deluxe Edition  2.0T 6AT  £21.98K
    Executive Edition 2.0T 6AT  £19.98K
    Deluxe Edition  2.0T 6AT  £17.98K, 2.0T 6MT  15.98, 2.4L 5MT 14.98
    Elite Edition 2.0T 6AT  £15.98K, 2.0T 6MT 14.58, 2.4L 5MT 13.38
    Fashion Edition  2.0T 6AT £16.18K, 2.4L 5MT 13.58

    To exclude unlisted flagship edition models, G10 models are now on sale at 13.58 price range 21.98 price range spans such as JAC Refine M5 and Jinbei Grace , and the probe into the Buick GL8 classic version and other models.

    While the cumulative sales over 2000 units still can not explain what the problem, after all SAIC Maxus brand awareness is still in its infancy, but in the main section of the manual transmission version of the low price is not the sales, while the top model close to half of total sales, in order to This can also be seen now MPV user requirements for products not only meet the basic use, but the configuration and comfort have higher aspirations.

    If you want to quickly understand the G10, you can first take a look at easy car network before on a test drive of articles G10 and G10 and GL8 comparison article .  And I passed a brief contact with the G10, around the MPV concept vehicles produce the most obscure following questions.

    >> MPV is how positioning?

    In the last century, at the end, most of the people on the road home run of the passenger cars are only three basic types of distinction - cars, vans , Jeep vehicles.  The MPV is the van of evolution it?  Are similar to the box body , are more able to install, but the MPV (multi-Purpose Vehicles intended for multi-purpose car ) with the traditional van or essentially different.

    On the one hand, MPV car model is not a single structure, but usually hatchback style, closer to the station wagon concept van.  Secondly, MPV models engine usually located in the front, and they use a unibody , but with respect to the van (actually a miniature or light buses ) have greater passenger space and comfort.

     Maybe a lot of people like me, for the year "bullet" have the impression, though I did think my heart is, "wow! So handsome van ah! ", but in reality, it is early to enter the domestic MPV models of Chevrolet Lumina APV, then again GL8, United States Department of Voyager as well as Japanese department Odyssey and so on.

    >> Why GL8 is the benchmark?

    Because GL8 largest sales, domestic sales have been 15 years of history, and only after one generation, while older cars are still selling.  Although by today's standards, GL8 classic exterior and interior have become old, but in all aspects of the configuration has not rich, even slightly out of date, but if you take the feelings measured by words, GL8 still A current occupant meet increasingly stringent requirements for comfort MPV .

    >> Maxus G10 want what their position?

    Obviously, G10 as SAIC Maxus 's first fully self-developed MPV models, from the early development inevitably have a clear position on its plan.  In the development process, its standard vehicles are modern in H-1, the model currently in the country are also part of the import sales, but low sales volume, while JAC Refine M5 is the modern H-1-derived products, but from the position in terms of the main take the low road.

    Called on the standard car, making a good product is the product of basic specifications and goals early in the R & D, choose a location similar maturity models as standard car, the data can be used as a basis in the development process, and the final product will need to meet with Benchmarking the competitiveness of vehicles equal or even surpass , mainly in product performance, technology and reliability.

    Why not choose directly GL8 as a standard car?  Select the market's most successful models as a standard vehicle is not necessarily a wise choice, its biggest drawbacks is the high risk, if there is not much difference in the final product characteristics and GL8 and no obvious advantage, then, as a standard product for its Maybe not lower the standard of the product itself, but the market is difficult to reverse preconceived situation.

    After a test drive and test ride experience, G10 gave me a deeper impression.  Whether it is designed from the appearance or details of quality and technology, have reached a relatively high level, and the high version models of the configuration is very rich.  The space is also very eye-catching performance, both passenger space and storage space are satisfactory in this regard thanks to body size advantage, while the rational design of interior space layout also contributed.

    Front engined, rear wheel drive, turbo charged, almost open top sports MPV with 18" alloys!

    On the other hand, G10 uses 2.0T engine for independent research and development, technology and the use of dynamic parameters are satisfactory, with the ZF 6-speed manual provides gearbox , has a good dynamic performance.

    With the SAIC Maxus contact G10, I saw this independent brand MPV many advantages, including its shape design, the atmosphere was calm yet dynamic.  Meanwhile, the rich configuration also improves the G10's price.  Due to the advantages of its size, the space performance is very eye-catching.  And in material and workmanship of the vehicle are remarkable.

    Power, mature ZF transmission brings the power transmission security, while SAIC self-developed 2.0T engine in the data is very eye-catching, with six-speed manual gearbox higher matching degree, the actual sense of acceleration is also very obvious and still feel the acceleration in the middle of sufficient power.  But the attendant is an engine vibration and noise when speed exceeds 2000rpm, the engine noise would be more obvious, and pass the car.

    G10's suspension tuning relatively tough, road feel relatively clear, which for the MPV , it is not necessarily a good thing, especially for crushing jolt filter is not enough place, and in the ups and downs of the road, the body is also very obvious shaking, then sitting in the third row will be more obvious bumps, making the ride comfort decline.

    In addition, in use, including the new engine and the entire drivetrain , the reliability of the product on the market also need to put in a certain period of time before they can reflect.

    These issues are also SAIC Maxus aspects of post needs faced and improved, and hope SAIC Maxus can further enhance the competitiveness of their products in the critical period of gradual build brand reputation, in order to get their own place in their own brands and joint venture brands as well as competition

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