SAIC-Alibaba Internet car runs on YunOS


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    SAIC-Alibaba Internet car runs on YunOS

    Post by Windy on Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:53 am

    SAIC joint research and development Alibaba Internet car will be equipped with YunOS

    Ali goes on 2014AWDC Developers Conference recently, and Alibaba YunOS 3.0 conference, Zhang Xinquan, executive director of SAIC Information Systems Division said, with Alibaba joint R & D in Internet car will use YunOS operating system. It is reported that the car will be in two years the launch, in addition to integration "YunOS" operating system, but also the integration of Ali's Ali cloud computing, high moral navigation, communications and other applications Ali resources.

    Zhang Xinquan said the interpretation of the outside world on the Internet is now the car is more narrow concept car networking, SAIC and Alibaba together to create the Internet car will put the whole life cycle of the car with the user's experience, combined with the demand, the car turned into the Internet a node, open living area with a user's Internet, so it requires a completely customized operating system and car dealing.

    In the case of car networking concept of flying, he believes the real Internet car, if you do not study the operating system that you do not want to talk about a marriage in love.

    "Ali's cooperation so that we can customize the controls to get the operating system, according to the car's features, use of the environment and the user's needs customization, more importantly, it is safe enough." Zhang Xin, he said, has now entered the era of software-defined vehicles, cars more performance, service will be implemented by software.

    In fact, as early as July this year with SAIC in Shanghai Alibaba Group signed the "Internet Car" strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will actively cooperate in the "Internet Car" and the related fields of application services, work together to build future-oriented "Internet Car" and its ecosystem. The depth of integration automobile industry and the Internet industry, and common development, will provide consumers with more convenient and richer car experience, opening a new way of travel life.

    YunOS by Alibaba Group in July 2011 formally launched the smartphone operating system. Currently, it has been widely used in the Pan-intelligent hardware end mobile phones, televisions, cars and wearable devices, etc., permeates all life scenes, the Internet has become an important driving force and physical networking.

    For those that don't know, YunOS is Alibaba's version of Google's Android and Android is what is used by the popular Inkanet system in the Roewe 350 so maybe the 350's applications will be the same or interchangeable with the Alibaba internet car.

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