"Bao Jun" to share platform of next MG3


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    "Bao Jun" to share platform of next MG3

    Post by patpending on Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:07 am


    Po Chun planning a new small car with the same platform to build MG - Figure
    Source: Netcom Club at 7:00 on August 17, 2015 Author: Xu Yuexiang Editor: Lin Yao Share: wechatWeibo
    Po Chun 560 have been officially listed on the 18th last month, marking the carBaojun brand began to diversify the product line transition into the hot SUV market. The Po Chun does not intend to stop there and planning to introduce more models of different market segments to promote enhance brand competitiveness. Recently, the China Netcom club from Po Chun official informed: SAIC-GM- Wuling Baojun now planning to cooperate to build a with SAIC MG brand of small cars , taking into account the MG is currently only a small car MG3, future Baojun small car is expected to be the car with the platform to build.

    Car market is an area Baojun brand first involved first models are positioned in the compact car market of 630 Po Chun , last year Beijing auto show listed Baojun 610 is 630 hatchback version of the model. Although introduced last year Baojun 730 to the "dark horse" attitude Baojun brand sales will rise to a new height, but the car is still the main force in the domestic auto market, Po Chun launched apparently unwilling to give up this piece of cake, a new small car project is also reasonable.

    It is understood that baojun new small car project is to cooperate with SAIC passenger car brand MG development, the new car will use the platform to build the MG.In the current MG product lineup, MG3 locate the car in the small car market, we can see a new small car is expected to Po Chun and MG3 same platform. The car of the future will launch the Baojun brand cars lineup rejuvenates, revitalized, grab more market share.

    In power, the car is also expected to carry the MG3 1.3L / 1.5L naturally aspirated engine configuration. Wherein the 1.3L engine maximum power 68kW, peak torque 118N.m, and power more powerful 1.5L engine maximum power and peak torque of up to 80kW and 135N.m. Matching 5-speed manual transmission or five-speed e-shift automatic transmission.

    Positioning Po Chun car small car in the domestic market is not the lack of opponents, long Yuexiang series it has a larger threat. Compared Cheung Yuet V5 is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, Po Chun 1.5L engine at maximum power and peak torque are weak. But power is not Baojun forte. After the launch of the new car can copy Baojun 730 successful , we have to wait before they see the outcome after listing. (Netcom Society August 17, 2015 in Beijing)

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