Shanghai Expo - UK Pavilion


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    Shanghai Expo - UK Pavilion

    Post by Windy on Tue May 18, 2010 5:44 am

    Not the best translation, but I didn't want to spoil it by turning it into English!

    I assume that is a real photo of the pavilion, even though it doesn't look very real...

    Shanghai Expo - UK Pavilion

    This is "China's candy" gift - the British like to call their own country Pavilion is a gift given to China. Tang Zhi was gently walking through an undulating path into the open park lawn, among the seeds th pavilion like a sweet candy Temple, lying quietly in the middle. Even more interesting is that a close look at the seed Temple, more than 60,000 root "tentacles" wind Qingbai into a "m" word, just the British flag on the "m" word.

    Shanghai Expo UK Pavilion

    But also has the stunning appearance of MG6, arrests the eye at this point, no less in the United Kingdom Pavilion. Fast-back design to each line gives the wonderful spirit, to transcend the concept of natural forms. Smooth shape, sexy and sultry waist hatch, the vehicle brings innovative 1:1:2 ratio. No wonder the owners are numerous MG6 said triumphantly, as long as the open MG6 on the road, it is bound to become the highest-profile owners.

    Whenever passing in front of the British Expo, we always see a long, long "snake" queue down, "Tang Zhi" external spreads out. Whether sun or rain, whether it is day or night, the length of the point did not ever become shorter, until the closing. In order to tell how visitors are ranked, along the British Museum's "snake queue" are always some "signs" that read "30 minutes", "1 hour" ... ... Finally a sign saying "3 hours." Opened for a few days, the British Museum in the top ten venues to visit is always one of the most popular.

    Queue of people want to peek into the mysterious seeds of its famous temple. But the temple in the end in it? Only accommodate up to 100 people in the room, in addition to more than 260,000 tablets of crushed seeds Ru Yake force outside the pipe end, nothing! No fancy 3D movies, does not miss the chance of the light source, and no touching music, not even any windows.

    Shanghai Expo theme of " City , Better Life ", over 100 exhibition show the world in science and technology, industry, culture, the latest achievements, the British Museum with their "empty and no", there, and full of "let people re-reflection: What is energy?" Similar to the, MG6-leading Fast-back design, bringing the same is not only a striking appearance, there is meaning beyond imagination. Streamlined way to extend the rear of the roof outline the design, in creating their own fashion sporty look, while also increasing the available luggage space, especially the rear seats fold flat, the original 429L of luggage space for an instant jump to 1379L. Then accompanied by 2705mm long wheelbase cross-level, maximizing the potential of space, of medium build and passengers can dangled "his legs" in the back comfortably lazy with.


    British Museum designers most want to see the scene of Thomas, is the harmony between man and nature pictures. He made no secret of saying: "I think we are highlights of the British Museum is about to end when the hustle and bustle of the day when many people are visiting the venues after sitting in our city parks relax. Yesterday I saw many people in our city park on the slopes to roll happily, in my opinion, this is the highlight of our venues. "body in MG6, Fast-back design not just to create a stunning appearance and the large space. So smooth design to minimize the MG6 of air resistance, the air brought under extraordinary pressure, precise control of the air as a new weapon. Body while increasing the stability, combined with the breeding of a 50:50 ratio of sum of harmonic stability of the body, with the most intuitive way to give the "whole vehicles" to new interpretation.

    Savor MG6 design style, smooth and full of sense of speed, as beautiful and full of passionate British gentleman's game, with a strong British flavor aesthetics. Fast-Back creative design to bring style, space, and control on the edge, I believe that is the MG 6 as the 2010 Shanghai Expo UK Pavilion will be an important reason for the designated car.

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    Re: Shanghai Expo - UK Pavilion

    Post by patpending on Tue May 18, 2010 10:30 am

    I had read that visitor numbers had initially been disappointing - but 3-hour queues? looks like there are many people keen to establish what a 1:1:2 box car looks like!

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