UK Arts at the 2010 Shanghai Expo


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    UK Arts at the 2010 Shanghai Expo

    Post by Windy on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:13 am

    Following on from richardk's post:

    Drama / Architecture / MG6 - MG model of UK arts

    2010 Shanghai World Expo is the world's attention this year to most international events, all countries in order to show visitors around the world are also spared no effort in their own style, venue construction called beautiful, infinitely creative, in which the British Exhibition "seed Temple" is definitely the most amazing, it consists of 60,000 thin and transparent, will light the acrylic "whiskers" form, luster and color changes, and wonderful, more significantly, there is embedded in the top of different kinds and forms of seed , seeds of hope, but also represents a great strength. Open to the people the British Exhibition show is a relaxed, pleasant state of life but full of tension, then the exciting launch of the exhibition hall will let you see more and more profound.

    Britain is the distributing center of European culture, the British Museum show high-tech venue in the building, the British Museum has prepared a rich spiritual feast to satisfy the audience. Especially invited and sponsored by the Shanghai Automotive, the British National Youth Theatre brought a series of exciting performance, full of modern flavor to the show to demonstrate to visitors unique cultural heritage of the United Kingdom.

    British National Youth Theatre's actors in the Expo Hall Square, the UK's passion for performance

    Expo MG brand as partners in the British Exhibition, both in the history, philosophy and pursuit are surprisingly consistent, so when MG6 appeared in the British Museum before the time as if a process exhibits a perfect fit with the overall style. MG from the UK, the repairer, as the opera's general culture, has a long history, rich cultural heritage, has a unique design, fine workmanship and excellent performance is known.

    Of British design of MG6, flowing lines, waistline sultry, Smart and elegant shape, like a British elegance, wisdom, and gives a amazing feeling completely skill in design not inferior to British Museum. As the appearance of the inner personality and profound, like the British Museum, MG6 also have extraordinary meaning, in the sports fashion look, its interior space is his wonderful, 2705mm in the long wheelbase, those feelings can ride to open the British Museum as if the general relaxed, thorough, spacious. Rear seats fold flat, the luggage space to reach 1379L, is a "Journey Into Amazing Caves." Moreover, the smooth design minimize the air resistance, a sense of precise control readily, increasing the stability of the same body, supported by a stable harmonic 50:50 inclusive body, "one man cars" have a perfect interpretation.

    And "Seed" coincides with a huge explosive force of the moral is strong momentum from the MG6, this maximum power of 118 kW, maximum torque of 215 Nm 1.8T high-performance aluminum gasoline engine driving brought Experience the enjoyment of right and wrong with the general, not only pushed back a sense of clear, precise control is also stable.

    Expo Hall in front of the work of the UK car MG6

    Are based on the British to build the same style of the British Museum and MG6 fit with too many points, which also contributed to closer bilateral cooperation, the British Museum by domestic and foreign tourists all appreciate, I believe that with the strong performance of the English style of MG6 not less

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