MG3 SW goes touring car racing


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    MG3 SW goes touring car racing

    Post by Windy on Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:25 am

    I was looking for news of last weekends china rally championships and instead found that the MG3 has been touring car racing instead!

    Leading the race

    And it won it's class Smile

    Recently, Sichuan, Chengdu Touring Car Masters ended in the fourth leg of the race. Zhao Lei driving MG3SW stand out in this race, won the 1600cc category championship. Among the participating models, the "Tornado Boy" MG3SW's outstanding performance left a deep impression on us.

    England "little steel guns," the full game

    MG3 SW England in Europe have "little steel gun" in the world, but also for the domestic car market has brought an entirely new England breeze. Since its inception, MG3SW frequently appear in the rally race, and all terrific. As the competition needs of participating vehicles are converted, but conversion to the market in sales or production car-based, MG3SW the production car as a city "off-road cross-train", also has a deep racing DNA .

    MG3 SW rounded appearance of lines and generous and bold outline of the body surrounded by large pieces of the full game. The front and rear metallic chassis shield, 205 wide tires and large 16-inch alloy wheels make it even more obvious off-flavor.

    Stage engine surging power from the car

    Dynamic aspects, MG3SW the engine with racing technology from the United Kingdom, aluminum racing stage engine to ensure its strong momentum. Although the displacement is not, but with advanced design and superior manufacturing processes, especially through the implantation of MG proud of motorsport technology, with an imported five-speed manual transmission, aluminum, making this small displacement engine can provide 76KW of power and 123Nm of maximum torque, power in this strong support, MG3SW1.4CVT of 100 m acceleration time of just 9.3 seconds, which is the strength of many mid-size car of equal, at the same level the car is excellent outstanding.

    The CVT transmission technology used for the MG3SW in surging between power and fuel economy to find the perfect balance, has a very impressive fuel economy, great for the owners to use the cost savings.

    Movement of chassis instant "off-road cross-train"

    MG3SW highlights not only the driving force in this high-quality cross-border vehicle equipped with a Lotus by British engineers of well-tuned sports chassis, the front suspension uses MacPherson subframe with independent suspension, ensure high-speed stability, which in the class-rare. MG3SW rear wheel with a mature H-type torsion beam rear suspension. Before and after a disc brake, in a high-end models at the same level configuration, to ensure motorists driving in to strengths being in the dock congestion in the city also started as a poignant description of the general ease, brake accurate, clear and controlled, those who never will ride the enjoyment of being above the car level.

    In addition, MG3SW have 160MM minimum ground clearance, 38% of the climbing degree, and 30% higher than the equivalent models before the window of vision, "off-road cross-train" literally. It is worth mentioning that, MG3 SW production car is also equipped with a similar four-wheel disc brakes with racing sports wide tires 205/55 R16 series of high profile. Specially designed for the motor sport aluminum racing-level N-series engine, with horsepower and reliability as the most powerful features, the use of cross-country cross-border vehicles in a city known MG3SW on, be called a perfect match.

    Both entertainment and high-tech human configuration utility

    From the British "gentleman" - MG3SW Nature has a gentleman demeanor in general. On the full range of attentive care not the slightest slack, MG3SW has the most comprehensive high-tech class-human configurations: electrically adjustable heated outside power mirrors, electronic dimming rearview mirror, intelligent headlight opening and closing function, intelligent all-round electric wipers and reversing radar probe equipped, all-round ensures driving comfort and safety.

    Personality configuration, MG3 SW USB interface inside the car like personality, love of music to provide a driving trip in another happy. At the same time, the general appears in the flagship luxury sedan or sports car on the subframe in the MG3 SW, this is MG3 handling, comfort, to increase the weight. In addition, MG3 SW unique bucket seats, ensuring their softness and comfort me, in the fierce driving can also provide good support force. But this small car models also appeared high with before and after the radar sensor system, make parking more convenient, greatly enhance the practical value.

    Fully visible, MG3SW blend of power, economy and comfort to one, it certainly highlights cost-effective, is no exaggeration to say that, MG3SW shine at the track are both within and outside the "big star." (


    As for the chinese rally championship round, as far as I can see, it never took place...

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    Re: MG3 SW goes touring car racing

    Post by patpending on Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:13 pm

    Windy wrote:As for the chinese rally championship round, as far as I can see, it never took place...

    now that has gone, it's hard to tell...

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