Roewe W5 SUV delayed until February


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    Roewe W5 SUV delayed until February

    Post by Windy on Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:17 pm

    Roewe cars W5 to accept the deposit in February next year

    SAIC Roewe's first SUV by the end of the upcoming W5, China's auto trading network users to care about this car to bring the latest reports. Recently, China's auto trading network edited from the Hai Tanda Roewe Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. was informed that currently no existing Roewe W5 car, now do not accept reservations, mention car period in February next year.

    Roewe Royal W5 is based on the basis of shared Ssangyong build, can be found from the appearance of the two cars have a lot of similarities. Roewe W5 on the basis of changes in the share after the formation of Royal, two versions of internal and external decoration, the main difference is that the front and rear bumpers, rear spoiler, entertainment configuration. The most obvious difference between the two is the rear spoiler on top. High-equipped version of the Roewe W5 spoiler was stretched outside of the vehicle, and in color and body color is also different. And models will be equipped with high panoramic sunroof, so when driving to create a more pleasant atmosphere.

    The interior was exposed through the pictures, we can very clearly that: the level of distribution models in the integrated function steering wheel with versions of the same level, while the difference is low with the console version is installed on CD, with edition high replaced by a DVD screen. In addition, the high chair with material for the leather version, with version for low-knitted material.

    As a city SUV, W5 Roewe is a listing of major competitors cost-based system to fight the Korean SUV, while Dongfeng Yu Jie Chi Barcelona will compete after the SUV market.

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