MG arrives in the UK


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    MG arrives in the UK

    Post by Windy on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:31 am

    MG SAIC - Power expansion of the European territory of sales

    "For a high-end brands adhere to build emerging companies, the biggest increment is the brand awareness and enhance brand reputation." said Jiang Jun, deputy general manager of Shanghai Motor Passenger Cars to reporters in the Guangzhou Auto Show.

    "Last year we added more than 90,000 users, this year the figure expanded to 160 thousand, an increase of more than 78%, the customers will snowball spreading the Roewe and MG brand."

    "We will be in April 2011 the first UK customers to deliver MG6", Guy Jones posted 10 days ago in the facebook in the disclosure of this information to the local buyer, who in October 2009 was appointed SAIC UK Director of Sales and Marketing company MG. "MG6 set at between 1.6 ten thousand and 2 ten thousand pounds, it is equipped with a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine, while the 1.9 liter diesel version will be released in the next 12 months. By 2012, MG6 will push for more European markets". Guy Jones said he hoped to rekindle the enthusiasm of the British home of MG.

    NAC through the restructuring, the formation of MG, the layout of dual-brand Roewe Shanghai Automotive, the initial foothold in the domestic market, once again eyeing the overseas market.

    "China's auto exports are mostly low-end products, our high-end products in the automotive industry is also going out?" Dec. 24, in South cooperation on the third anniversary of the conference, SAIC chairman Hu Maoyuan not hide his determination to win on overseas markets, "the core competitiveness and international business capacity, which is a large group we must have, the world auto industry two conditions."

    This time he will succeed you, mergers and acquisitions in overseas markets crashed Ssangyong failure how to avoid a repeat of the tragedy?

    Global ambitions

    The company, a securities analyst report provides an annual sales volume exceeded 300 million units the first to SAIC, and its appetite is the new leader of the global automotive industry. By 2016, SAIC will become a cross-border sales of over 7 million car manufacturing giant, the report forecast. In addition, a securities company believes that SAIC will go beyond this year, Honda, Nissan and PSA, the world ranking improve to sixth place.

    With 3 million sales, a subsidiary of SAIC achieved this status is the key. 12 days later at Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen announced in December 27 with an annual sales volume of its millions of car companies break, the two joint venture companies have been ranked in the top two domestic car sales, while the long-term control of SAIC-GM-Wuling domestic passenger car market, half of the crossover. And domestic market share in second and third Dongfeng Motor Corporation and FAW Group, compared SAIC control up to 20% of China's auto consumption market, Dongfeng and FAW were 16% and 14%.

    But the assembly alone for multinational auto giants to make a profit can not be regarded as a successful manufacturer, SAIC has been trying to build its own brand acquisition of overseas assets, ranks among the international car prices as well. "Shanghai's business climate so that they earlier have a global perspective," commented one executive Beiqi Shanghai Automotive Group. The latter's global ambitions show in 2004, when they spend 590 billion won (about 30 billion yuan) to buy 51.3% of South Korean Ssangyong Motor shares, in the same year after the price of 67 million pounds to buy Rover part of the technology assets. Although a full merger is the previous post trading losses until the reorganization of the NAC in 2007, the MG brand as the focus of the SAIC overseas strategy really little shape.

    "2010 has been established beginning to expand overseas markets, the" SAIC president Chen Hong in the 2010 general meeting of shareholders held in mid-and medium-term results of the symposium, said, "mainly for the company to expand overseas sales of own brands, the initial formation of the United Kingdom and India, two markets, the UK market next main MG6, 2010 by the end of production in the UK, listed in 2011; and the main direction of the Indian market is expanding low-end passenger cars. "

    Reinvested billion

    With SAIC, Nanjing Auto bid Rover assets, the Roewe 750 and MG7 have been at daggers drawn when released compared to dual-brand strategy, re-planning and MG Roewe began to create synergy. Trend compared to the expansion of the joint venture, Hu Maoyuan said he would prefer to see the performance of its own brand of SAIC also be able to one million dollars. Realistic figure, in the SAIC Roewe and the MG brand has contributed only 6% of sales, however, the percentage of the seemingly insignificant enough to make losses for several years, the Nanjing base to stop bleeding.

    "For a high-end brands adhere to build emerging companies, the biggest increment is the brand awareness and enhance brand reputation." Shanghai Jiang Jun, deputy general manager of passenger cars in December, told the Guangzhou Motor Show reporters, "Last year we added more than 90,000 users, this year the figure expanded by 16 million, an increase of more than 78%, they will snowball in the spread of consumers and MG Roewe brand." 210,000 were identified as 2011 sales target, but Jiang Juncheng recognition, compared to the real implementation of internal marketing planning, this figure appears to be too conservative. Launch next year, only MG3 and MG6 Saloon new are likely to achieve most of the increment.

    More massive investment program in the "second five" started.

    Hu Maoyuan decide in the next 5 years to be positioned as a manufacturing base in A-level passenger car plant in Nanjing Pukou reinvested 100 billion, which will increase production capacity in Nanjing to 1 million cars with sales income of more than hundreds of billions, Pukou will become the largest SAIC own brand production base. Prior to this operation in March this year, Nanjing Pukou base of the second phase, SAIC only 2.566 billion yuan has been spent.

    "Roewe 350 hatchback will also be placed at Pukou," Hu Maoyuan in the Dec. 24 interview, revealed to reporters, only for the production of the Roewe and MG production capacity will be over 300,000.

    MG sea

    South Korea involved in the powerful trade unions, SAIC Ssangyong M & A in almost lose everything, making it the temptation of extra caution in overseas markets.

    "Overseas test the water, as we know so much about the Chinese market." Jiang Jun says, "is not afraid to go out that we, but to wait for our product line more complete, then played a portfolio. If Europe can 3 months or 6 months, then released a new car for the dealer network supporting force for the rapid spread of the brand will play a very important role. "

    Accumulation in the MG brand SAIC tried to Britain as its most profound starting point then for the European Renaissance, to release the ambition to expand overseas markets.

    "We will be in April 2011 to the first UK customers deliver MG6", SAIC UK Sales and Marketing Director of MG Guy Jones broke the news recently. On this topic in the online questions to Guy Jones launched the most of the MG brand have a good impression.

    "MG6 the availability of diesel engine?"

    "This is when the French can buy the MG6?"

    Guy Jones answer these two questions are - "Yes, but from the petrol versions are released after 12 months," and "major European countries in 2012 will be put."

    "Over the past 5 years, invested hundreds of millions of funds SAIC originated in the United Kingdom MG to keep as much as possible the position in the global automotive industry." Guy Jones said, "and so now we will seize the real opportunities for UK car place, Put the MG brand back onto the world map."

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