2010 end of year results


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    2010 end of year results

    Post by Windy on Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:10 am

    In 2010 SAIC sold over 3.58 million vehicles, an increase of 31.5%

    SAIC in 2010 was the implementation of "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" to wrap, the company further promote independent innovation, positive change in economic development, vehicle production and sales success across the three million new height, to maintain a leading edge at the same time, among the global automotive industry is expected to top eight, for the "Eleventh Five-Year" plan of work on a successful close. In 2010, SAIC sold the vehicle over 3,580,000, an increase of 31.5%; passenger car sales of 2,279,000, an increase of 41.9%; commercial vehicle sales of 1,304,000, an increase of 16.6%.

    Among them, Shanghai GM vehicle sales of 1,039,000, an increase of 42.8%, and a national passenger car market sales champion; Shanghai Volkswagen sold 1 million, an increase of 37.5%, sales of passenger car market among the nation's runner-up; Shanghai GM Wuling vehicle sales more than 1,230,000, an increase of 15.9%, 4 consecutive years ranked "micro-car champion." Currently, the main vehicle SAIC's joint venture, Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM Wuling sales all reached one million in size.

    Deepen and build our own brand continued to improve independent innovation capacity

    SAIC own brand came in four years, and MG Roewe brand building, new product launch, the network layout and other aspects of efforts to promote, not only successfully established a high-end brand image, product sales have also maintained rapid growth.

    Currently, the Roewe brand awareness of 94%, close to the joint venture brand standards; MG brand awareness of 87%, increase speed to create the same period the most car brands. Meanwhile, the Roewe selected service in 2010 JD Power CSI satisfaction index fourth, again after 2009, following its own brand models in the service sector model.

    In 2010, 160,000 own-brand sales, an increase of more than 77%. Among them, the Roewe 550 "digital car" positioning popular, mainstream market segments, sales ranking camp; MG6 been listed by consumers, with sales climbing; new Roewe 350 listed total sales of almost 50,000 six months, has been successfully A-Class into the largest segment of the automobile market.

    In recent years, with the number of new products listed brands, SAIC has also developed rapid increase in the level. Roewe 550 recently won the Science and Technology Foundation of China Automotive Industry awarded the "2010 China Automobile Industry Science and Technology Progress Award Grand Prize", which is the first car is awarded to products, reflecting the strong construction of SAIC capabilities of independent innovation achievements.

    Expo highlights the corporate responsibility in the new energy vehicles well-run auto museum

    2010 Shanghai World Expo will become SAIC spread of modern automotive green, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development concept of the perfect display platform. SAIC-GM to build and operate the joint theme of "direct 2030" car museum, to demonstrate a "sustainable power mobile systems" and the next 20 years the city a better blueprint for intelligent transportation system, attracting more than 200 million visitors come to visit, aroused great interest the general public, in a broad positive impact on the public, highlighting the company a good social citizen. Best museum in the selection of Tencent, the car museum ranked first; in Sohu's most tech Museum Award, ranked first automobile museum.

    Green Expo will help to achieve low-carbon goals, SAIC offers a 1125 new energy vehicles, including hybrid technology, electric, fuel cells, super capacitors and other programs, varieties, including cars, buses, sightseeing car, rental cars and other styles. During the Expo, SAIC new energy vehicles transporting tourists accumulated nearly 2 million people, about 12.42 million km mileage, take the park over 75% of traffic, passenger traffic stood the large, continuous high temperature and severe convective weather test generally safe and stable operation, the vehicle intact rate of 99%.

    Expo of new energy vehicles in the successful application of new energy vehicles for the SAIC solid foundation of industrialization. On the one hand, large-scale research and development through production of new energy vehicles, SAIC new energy vehicles initially forming the supply chain system, related engineering and technical ability to obtain improved significantly; the other hand, in the long, big load in the new energy vehicle demonstration runs , SAIC has accumulated a great deal of valuable performance data and operational experience. The end of 2010, hybrid car brands have achieved mass production, up to 20% fuel saving products.

    Source: http://www.sh.chinanews.com.cn/PageUrl/2011161933337.html

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