Roewe 550 facelift features petrol-electric power


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    Roewe 550 facelift features petrol-electric power

    Post by Windy on Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:56 pm

    There are rumours of a facelift Roewe 550 apearance at this years Shanghai show. The car is not due until next year, however some details have emerged including a version featuring a petrol-electric powertrain, a new dual clutch gearbox and the inkanet system from the Roewe 350.

    The petrol-electric powertrain is not a conventional hybrid with the wheels driven by both petrol and electric power as used in the current Roewe 750 hybrid but a true petrol-electric where the wheels are driven purely by electric motors and the petrol engine used, when needed, to generate electrical power. The car is planned to produce a 50% energy saving so will presumably also feature some form of battery and/or super-capacitor technology in order to avoid the need to keep the petrol engine running. Petrol engines for this type of use have a hard time as they spend a significant amount of their working life either warming up or cooling down which is generaly not good for an engine. The 1.5 litre engine from the Roewe 350 which will be used in the petrol electric Roewe 550 features a dual layer cooling system; was it designed for this application from the start?

    April of this year's Shanghai auto show, SAIC Roewe 550 is expected to be released. Recently got the news, the Roewe 550 in 2012 will mark the mid-term facelift. Today we bring for the majority of users to change the configuration of new models table.

    ● powertrain shake-up, the electric version of the subsequent launch of

    From this configuration table, we can see, powertrain will be the Roewe 550 mid-facelift where the major changes. In the configuration, change the section of the Roewe 550 will also be more refined distinction between the various models more clearly.

    Powertrain, the mid-facelift Roewe 550 engines, will continue to be current used 1.8T 1.8L naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, transmissions, the manual is to keep using the same five-speed gearbox, automatic transmission replaced by the five-speed automated manual gearbox in order DCT dual-clutch gearbox, the number of specific gear is still not known. This change in the powertrain, mid-facelift to the power of the Roewe 550 and the ride is more worth the wait.

    In addition to traditional gasoline-powered system, the mid-term facelift Roewe 550 version will also introduce an electric vehicle. In the configuration table, this electric vehicle has no transmission, only using the Roewe 350 the 1.5L engine and ISG motor and TM motor power output components. Thus, this hybrid version of the Roewe 550 will be fully power-driven by electric motor, electric energy consumption in the case of the net, 1.5L gasoline engine to provide power sources for electric motors.

    ● future will have 8 sub-models, each model configuration is more differentiated

    Mid-term facelift Roewe 550 will be 7 versions of gasoline and an electric version of model. Which gasoline version, 1.8L + MT transmission of three, 1.8L + DCT gearbox two, and two 1.8T + DCT transmission, 1.8T engine and manual transmission versions do not appear. One-button engine start button continues to be the standard mid-term facelift, while the Start / Stop starts and stops functions, in addition to two minimum configurations and hybrid versions, other cars also will be equipped. In addition, all DCT transmission models are equipped with steering wheel shift paddles.

    In terms of safety, except the top of the Roewe 550 in cash with the G 1.8T goods outside the official version, are dual front air bag configuration. The mid-term facelift will be different according to the grade of the models, there are four models will have front side airbags, front and rear top models are equipped with side air curtains. For the safety performance of the design requirements, mid facelift for the Roewe 550, C-NCAP five-star and E-NCAP four-star.

    Comfortable configuration, the facelift of the Roewe 550 will be further modified version of the Lazy Locking top with record full-function remote control gate, vehicles, cash and equipment of this feature, press the unlock button remote control car keys and locks can control windows, does not include skylights, a new version of Lazy Locking feature skylights will be included.

    Other configurations, the Roewe 550 mid-facelift headlights halogen headlights are standard, in addition to two other models outside the low-models are equipped with optional xenon headlights. Detailed in the table below:

    Summary: Compared to current Roewe 550, 550 Roewe mid-facelift the biggest highlight is powertrain change in the configuration, the sub-models made some optimization, but overall configuration of not less than the current model. Therefore, if the change shall maintain the existing Roewe 550, the same price system, the overall cost will be slightly improved. Roewe 550 mid-term facelift is expected to hit the market in the first half of next year, to the appearance of changes in the present we do not have exact information, we will maintain the focus on this model.

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