SAIC planning new models


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    SAIC planning new models

    Post by Windy on Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:25 am

    SAIC will invest £3.5 billion in 20 new products

    Last week, the closely watched program overall listing of SAIC officially released. SAIC relevant responsible person said, in order to strengthen research and development capabilities, SAIC will invest 37 billion yuan for its own brand product development, to ensure that the launch of 20 models of follow-up products. The overall listing of SAIC, will open up the self-financing channels for the smooth development of the brand.

    7 key products coming soon

    SAIC currently has 20 models by the planned follow-up products, plans to put on the market during the second five. Technology Center, SAIC, said Gao Weimin, general manager, which will begin this month, including the Roewe W5, and the next 750,550, Roewe W5, and the deformation of vehicle 350 and MG3, in addition to Shanghai and will develop a way View of the same compact SUV. Dealers said the news from the next generation of 750 plans to use the Buick Regal, LaCrosse's technology platform. "At this stage of the joint venture and cooperation mode is not a simple product introduction, but at a higher level of technical cooperation." Gao Weimin said, adding that this concept, SAIC is working with some deeper universal and extensive technical cooperation.

    On the other hand, came news of SAIC passenger car companies, after 20 years in the joint venture, SAIC Roewe 550 brands Science and Technology Award was awarded the Grand Prize of Chinese automobile industry, which is independent car products for the first time received the award. Pan Asia Technical Center in later years transferred to serve their own brand of high Weimin that this is only a microcosm of the development of domestic car, 5 years after the independent brand but will gradually lead joint brand development.

    Recovery of investment in 2015

    Cooperation in the development mode and mode change, the SAIC has a lot of the hardware implementation of the update. Last week, SAIC for the first time open to the media their most confidential technical center, in the total investment of 40 billion, plan the technical base of 50 million square meters, the SAIC to build the world's largest style rooms, and trial-like vehicle, powertrain, structural, vibration, noise, development pilot certification.

    According to SAIC introduction, SAIC independent R & D team has more than 2,000 engineering and technical personnel, of which about 1,500 Shanghai Technical Center, Technology Center, Nanjing, about 300, about 250 British technology center, new energy development base (McNair to the company ) about 120. Shanghai Technical Center which bear the whole process of own brand products R & D, product development is the main body of SAIC; MG Nanjing Technical Center with the existing base of products and engineering support Pukou; British technology centers and pre-commitment to the product concept design stage development work; as a complement, Shanghai New Energy R & D base is the core component is mainly responsible for the development of new energy.

    To ensure the overall smooth operation, said Gao Weimin, SAIC will invest 370 million for product development; which during the second five, SAIC passenger car brands in more than 100 million initial investment on the basis of this, we will invest more than 200 billion.

    To ensure the smooth financing, last week suspended 50 days after resumption of trading in Shanghai Automotive in the restructuring plan released said that the way will be non-public offering to its wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Limited Issuance of shares purchase of assets. After the restructuring, SAIC of China will field 22 cars and other assets into the Company of approximately 28.5 billion to Shanghai Automotive. "This is about more than 370 million can be achieved in 2015 is basically the full recovery of input costs." But Gao Weimin still stressed, and Toyota, Volkswagen and other international auto giants compared to SAIC's investment in research and development still seems inadequate.

    New Energy

    SAIC new energy vehicles into the development of key brands

    SAIC said last week, the future of new energy vehicles will be the focus of the development of independent brands SAIC, Shanghai Automotive's restructuring plan also shows that the overall market will accelerate the construction of new energy automotive industry chain of SAIC. SAIC Motor Technical Center general manager Gao Weimin told reporters, according to the planning, SAIC's new energy vehicles in the next year, sale of small quantities. Currently SAIC has developed a Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid car, the Roewe 350 electric cars, E1 electric concept car, the Shanghai Brand Plug-in fuel cell cars, "leaf" concept car, etc. The five new energy vehicles, and a number of new energy core components. Gao Weimin said, with the other car prices compared to new energy vehicles, SAIC's new energy vehicles in Japan and the United States using different technologies; more important is that, unlike some other car companies, "mashup" of the development approach, SAIC used the distinction between the newly established professional company is focused on energy-saving motor, battery and electronic control key parts of the design and development, and the real product development or in SAIC's technology center.


    "After 5-10 years of independence will lead the joint venture of SAIC"

    Interview, general manager of SAIC Gao Weimin Technology Center

    Reporter: At present, independent research and development capabilities in SAIC What changed? Where is the focus of the future?

    Gao Weimin: We want China to Created in China, this is the most should do. It should be said during the second five independent brands and joint development of the brand in the process of SAIC is common, but I believe five to thirteen, fourteen five-SAIC joint venture is the leading independent brand of the brand development process.

    Reporter: Pan Asia Technical Center Technical Center and SAIC, the two centers do you think What is the difference? What level higher?

    Gao Weimin: Pan-Asian joint venture with GM on a system based on mature technology centers, each side took advantage and product development resources for Shanghai GM; and our side is created by its own operating system, will encounter many difficulties. In addition, Pan-Asian encounter problems, there are strong technical centers in North America do support, but here everything must be themselves. Who is a high level? It can not answer, let users to test. If you really have to say, it should be said that their own merits.

    Reporter: SAIC independent research and development capability in China is very strong, it can do when the world's leading level?

    Gao Weimin: SAIC is the largest passenger car company, I think it is doing the best in major companies, technical reserves do the best, technologically advanced degree, is doing the best, but compared with the international We also have a big gap, and you nearer the time with others is also more difficult time. To achieve world-class, we need the efforts of several generations

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