SAIC @ Shanghai Auto Show


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    SAIC @ Shanghai Auto Show

    Post by Windy on Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:02 pm

    Roewe 550 plugin hybrid

    Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: SAIC) today revealed that the forthcoming opening of the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition, SAIC will be "innovation? Record change? create win the future "as its theme, gathered its own brands and joint ventures, in Hall E1, E2 hall and outdoor exhibition showcase passenger cars, commercial vehicles of the latest products.

    By actively promoting the new energy industry, and vigorously build their own brands, fostering joint ventures, focus localization ability, SAIC deepening capacity of independent innovation, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading efforts to explore sustainable development.

    As a concrete manifestation of work, the SAIC will be in more than 11,000 square meters of display area, displaying eight automobile companies of more than 110 cars show car, the balance starting ten models, and a number of independent research and development of new energy core components, the scale of the previous auto show exhibitors the most.

    Smooth progress of new energy industry

    SAIC has always been to push forward the industrialization of new energy vehicles mission, to seize the new round of world automobile industry technology and market high ground. In 2010, SAIC for the World Expo will provide more than a thousand new energy vehicles, safe operation of the 12.4 million kilometers, transporting tourists close to 2 million passengers, the vehicle intact rate of 99% to SAIC industrialization of new energy vehicles has accumulated valuable experience working and data.

    As actively promote the new energy automotive industry's latest achievements, SAIC corporate image display area will be on display in the independent development of the Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid cars, electric cars Roewe 350, E1 electric concept car, the Shanghai Plug-card in fuel cell cars, "leaf" concept car, etc. The five new energy vehicles and a number of core components of new energy sources. Be the first public appearance of the Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid cars, fuel economy was 50%, hundred kilometers combined fuel consumption of only 2.7L, and to meet the national emission standard 5, 2012 to achieve volume production.

    SAIC E1

    Made pioneering breakthrough brands

    Recently developed by SAIC Roewe 550, China Automotive Technology and has won the "Nobel Prize" of the "China Automobile Industry Science and Technology Award", this is the first independent car products received this award. Successful birth of the Roewe 550, breaking the joint venture brand high-end cars in the mid-level technology and market monopoly, the development of China's passenger car brands a historic leap forward, reflecting the strong build our own brand of SAIC achievements.

    Shanghai Auto Show this year, passenger car brands will showcase an all-new Roewe SUV, developed, aimed at faster growth market segments. MG brand will bring a concept car, showing a generation of the MG brand new design language - more mature, more sophisticated, more refined.

    Commercial vehicle brands, the Maxus brand will feature the first wide-body light-off products. Product quality, technology, safety and environmental Dengjun in world-class products are planned for the second half of this year, and simultaneously landed the international market.


    Ability of forming a joint venture Localization

    SAIC's joint ventures based on the future long-term development and improve the localization of R & D capabilities, this show will bring a variety of new localized products. Shanghai Volkswagen, a Sino-foreign joint research and development will feature the B-class models. Shanghai GM to launch Buick's first SUV concept car Buick Envision, the model of Shanghai GM Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center dominant hand in the design world and a Buick concept car. SAIC-GM-Wuling Chun Bao 630 will be on display, which is "micro-car champion" The new passenger car brands, "Po Chun," its first model.

    Commercial vehicles, the Nanjing and SAIC Iveco Iveco will demonstrate

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