Chih-Hsin Chen: spirit and soul


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    Chih-Hsin Chen: spirit and soul

    Post by Windy on Wed May 04, 2011 1:39 am

    Chih-Hsin Chen: own brands should have its own spirit and soul

    SAIC launched its own brand 5 years ago, by focusing on core competencies to create, and MG SAIC Roewe brand recognition of Chinese consumers gradually, access to sales, profits and reputation of the "three harvests." In this year's Shanghai auto show, the most talked about cars than own-brand Roewe W5 (quotations image parameters). Roewe W5 around the strategy and positioning for future development path of its own brand of SAIC and other issues, the reporter interviewed during the Shanghai Auto Show SAIC executive vice president and general manager of Shanghai Automotive passenger Chih-Hsin Chen and other executives.

    Roewe W5 announced 17 million to 30 million price range, the own-brand models priced at 20 million yuan, which is very rare in the domestic market, may I ask how to treat Roewe W5 product positioning and pricing strategy?

    A: With the growing maturity of the domestic SUV consumers, consumer demand for the SUV has become increasingly professional high, which is emphasized by the Roewe W5 important highlights.

    Roewe W5 product positioning, "cross-cutting professional SUV", which is mainly manifested in: first, the use of high-strength body structure HFA, this Land Rover, Hummer SUV and other world-class professionals are widely used in the body structure, and its body strength City (quotations image parameters) more than 2 times-SUV, anti-anti-bad road bumps and power is very strong; Secondly, equipped with a 3.2L Tornado XGI high-performance engine, 1.8T Kavachi durable all-aluminum turbocharged engines and high pressure from German technology, Tip-tronic automated manual transmission, intelligent, can the maximum power output of 160KW and 360 Nm maximum torque, super power; the third, using the P-4WD mode four-wheel drive system wide professional; fourth, front and rear suspension were used to double-wishbone front suspension and five-link semi-independent system, effectively enhance the SUV's off-road professional; the fifth, offers such as HBA Hill Descent, anti-roll system and other professional-level SUV active security configuration. In addition, the Roewe W5 maximum angle of climbing ability is 35.72, the maximum wading depth of 520mm, even more than the Hummer H3 (quotations image parameters) such professional-level SUV.

    A few days ago, Beijing Automotive Group chairman had mentioned "the development of independent brands Beiqi SAIC Roewe way to go"; What do you think the experience of SAIC Roewe whether the copy? If not, what is most difficult to copy?

    A: The Beijing Automotive Group, the development of independent brands on the rapid growth of China's auto industry is obviously good news for Shanghai Automotive is also a spur. We sincerely hope that the development of own brands can help Beiqi Chinese auto industry to enhance the core competitiveness. About SAIC Roewe's development experience, we can discuss and BAIC.

    I personally think that a brand should have its own spirit and soul, SAIC Roewe been able to achieve today's result can not do without it going through ups and downs, should be applied mechanically to other brands of healthy growth difficult; the same time, SAIC Roewe itself has a huge room for growth, we hope to make progress together, and Beijing Automotive brands.

    MG has a 87-year-old in British society and the influence of consumers is very deep, I ask, Shanghai Automotive next overseas strategy?

    A: At this stage, Shanghai Automotive dual brand mainly based on domestic market often Shanghai Automotive believes that only the brand strong enough to go out; and in order to win the competition in the global market success must have three elements: first of all have a strong enough brand; Secondly, there must have competitive products; thirdly, we need the right marketing channels. In the absence of these conditions rush to attack, can only hamper the brand, just the opposite. And now, SAIC has been bigger in the domestic passenger car market, the time has come to go overseas.

    To become a transnational group, its core competitiveness mainly due to: independent innovation and global business. In the first five years of development, SAIC mainly focused on innovation, while also devised strategies for global operations. Cooperation through the South, we took over Nanjing Automobile's UK base, making it a Shanghai automobile brand in the overseas manufacturing base. Shanghai Automotive MG brand has become a valuable resource; because it has a long history of 87 years in the UK and throughout Europe have deep roots, especially the MG has a soft spot for British consumers. Shanghai Automotive took over after the MG brand for a whole new meaning. In the April 12, Shanghai Party Secretary Yu inspection tour in the UK, in person at the SAIC in the UK base in Longbridge, Birmingham pressed MG6 (quotations image parameters) British production of the button, the first European version of a MG6 exit from the production line, while driving it is the mayor of Birmingham. In June of this year, MG6 European version will be officially listed in the UK market.

    Many well-known in British history brands such as MINI, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley Automotive Group has been acquired by other countries. Despite the high human cost of the UK, but these groups have retained the British mode of production, mainly British car brand is the cultural heritage, in order to maintain the brand pure British descent. MG6 European version of the engine, transmission, mainly in Shanghai manufacturing, assembly in the United Kingdom; MG6 reached the E-NCAP four-star standards and stringent European emission standards. MG6 in the UK market through the operation of Shanghai Automotive to expand overseas markets for training personnel accumulation of resources. The Shanghai Automotive will be merged into the British Technology Centre UK manufacturing base, the formation of an integrated operation of the Shanghai Automotive will also lay the foundation of overseas business model.

    In addition, SAIC will also seek to diversify overseas markets and future development patterns, such as cooperation in developing the Indian market, and with GM.

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    Re: Chih-Hsin Chen: spirit and soul

    Post by patpending on Wed May 04, 2011 4:01 pm

    yes, if the time has come to go overseas,. nowhere else gets Roewe now - not even Vietnam, Burma or Laos!

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