SAIC badge engineering

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    SAIC badge engineering

    Post by Tee in China on Fri May 20, 2011 2:47 am

    BMC,BMHL and MG Rover were well know as badge engineering masters and now it seems SAIC are following suit.

    In all Asian markets outside of China all Roewes get an MG badge and as such they have the MG350, MG550, plus the MG750 (and confusingly the MG3 and 6 and MG7 too!) They look just like what they are - Roewe's with an MG badge stuck on! At least BMC and the like changed grilles on each marque to make them appear different!

    Mind you to most Chinese drivers (therefore Asian drivers as a whole) badges mean little as I have seen Mugen badges on Nissan's and TRD badges on Geely's and Cherys!! Plus Ferrari or Maserati shields on Audi TT's and R8's!!

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