The 2011 Roewe 550 - We had these features first!


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    The 2011 Roewe 550 - We had these features first!

    Post by Windy on Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:38 am


    Euro sized mirrors and the plastics are OK, but the fridge wont fit a 500 ml plastic bottle Rolling Eyes

    2011 Roewe 550 Value Edition

    Recently, the editors noted that the Roewe 550 Shanghai Automotive recently launched a premium version called the 2011 model, the car to the original version of the Expo fashion-based, increase the mirror size, increase the front fender side vents, rear air conditioning vents, etc., but guidance is consistent with the original models. ("Value Edition" in the name of the dealer, the car factory to be the official name of the final confirmation)

    Roewe 550 Premium Edition version of the configuration differences with the Expo fashion:

    1, increase the size of exterior mirrors with integrated turn signal

    2, increasing front fender side vents

    3, increased rear air vents

    4, front armrest box to increase the air conditioning vent

    In appearance, the new Roewe 550 Value Edition and the previous version of the Roewe 550 Fashion Expo the only two differences, namely the exterior mirrors and rear of the front fender vents decoration. Which mirrors the size of the outer larger than the old models, can bring in terms of drivers for a better view, but also an upgrading of security. Originally located on the front fender turn signals integrated into outside rear-view mirror, the driver is concerned there is no real difference, they would be in line with the trend of a design.

    Relative to the external rear-view mirror is a relatively practical changes, the Roewe 550 Value pack increase in the back of the front fender front fender side vents play a merely decorative role. Just edit the personal opinion, this "vent" and to increase how much exercise does not give the elements of the vehicle, but looked somewhat redundant.

    Rear part of the 2011 Roewe 550 Value Edition and compared to the previous version of the Expo fashion without any changes, stocky and full tail is Roewe 550 people left the deepest impression. The appearance, the editor of the Roewe 550 is not satisfied that it should form a wheel, 16 inch wheel size for a compact car in terms of not too small, but this old-fashioned style wheels 7, visual effects were small and looks.

    Roewe 550 interior has been bragging, regardless of the center console styling, interior work, materials and configurations in the same price with the current mainstream of the co-branded compact cars are worse than the Roewe 550. Configuration, for a price of less than 140,000 yuan car, the leather multifunction steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, power leather seats, a key to start and steering wheel shift paddles and other necessities, we can ask for it ?

    Roewe 550 seat offers six main driving electric adjustment + manual lumbar adjustment means care, and the whole car seats are used for wrapping the German imports of leather, leather feel good and work quite well. However, the reason the front seat cushion design, comfort and general.

    With the project as an increase, the 2011 Roewe 550 Value Edition models in the front seat middle armrest box also adds a air conditioning vent, when you open the air conditioning, central armrest can assume the role of refrigerated containers. This summer, especially long distances would be useful. But now the "freezer" can only put down two cans of 355 ml of canned drinks, longer if the depth a bit deeper, you can put down a bottle of 500 ml plastic bottle the better.

    In the 2011 Roewe 550 was equipped with the most important is the rear central vent, in the upcoming summer, with the increase really be called a "timely." Rear air conditioning vents for regulating the temperature inside the car to improve performance of the rear passenger comfort play a significant role.

    Unfortunately, the front seats slightly compared to the performance of the Roewe 550's rear seat is more comfortable on the obvious. In addition to feeling fine leather, the seat and back support of all right, and center armrest with cup holders is the Roewe 550 full-line standard for the grade of the models can be called was a bright spot.

    As for the engine and gearbox, the launch of the Roewe 550 2011 without any changes, some of which continue to use the original engine 1.8L and 1.8T two, 5-speed manual gearbox is still 5-speed manual or two species. The earlier report said, the Roewe 550 in the mid-term facelift, its existing 5-speed manual gearbox will be replaced by DCT dual-clutch gearbox issue, did not appear in the 2011 Roewe 550, but also be expected things.

    Edit Comment:

    So far, we still did not get the real makers of this film on the 2011 Roewe 550 model specific official statement. But in any event, the launch of the Roewe 550 model was equipped Value Edition is a real, larger exterior mirrors which can provide the driver a better view, rear air conditioning vents and glove box the increase in air conditioning vent is in the details reflect the occupants' care.

    According to the editor from the Roewe Shanghai, 4S stores that currently the 2011 Roewe 550 Value Edition models have gradually come to shop, and the Expo is in fashion with the original version of the old and new models take over the stage. Two car discount rate will be different, which the new Roewe 550 Value Edition models offer the range of about 5,000 yuan and sent to decorating, the Expo fashion version of the model is slightly larger margin of preference in 7000 yuan and sent decoration . Preparation for the recent car, editorial suggestions in detail you can consult to shop, the two vehicles, the source, color and preferential conditions. If the two models are the current car, and the difference in less than 2,000 yuan, edit, or suggest you buy the new 2011 version of the Roewe 550 value, after all, these four additional configuration utility, there are three very bad.



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    Re: The 2011 Roewe 550 - We had these features first!

    Post by Roverman on Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:23 am

    Strange they are making the Roewe 550 closer to the MG6.

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    Re: The 2011 Roewe 550 - We had these features first!

    Post by patpending on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:43 pm

    shades of the yellow inlays in the Mk1 ZS...

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    Re: The 2011 Roewe 550 - We had these features first!

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