After six years, MG SAIC returns to it's roots in Europe


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    After six years, MG SAIC returns to it's roots in Europe

    Post by Windy on Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:13 am

    After six years, MG SAIC returns to it's roots in Europe

    Acquired by China's auto after 6 years, MG has finally returned to Europe.

    Recently, MG6Magnette in Birmingham's Shanghai Automotive R & D center in Europe off the assembly line, Premier Wen Jiabao in his visit to the UK trip a special trip to attend a new car off the assembly line ceremony.

    It is understood, MG first customer in Europe is an international professional car rental group Avis Europe (AVISEUROPE), in MG6 market before they ordered 500 new cars. Avis Europe, the British car company MG also signed a global strategic partnership agreement. In fact, Avis in the country is a business relationship with SAIC, and as early as 2004, the two sides together on a joint venture to enter the car rental market.

    Almost simultaneously, SAIC commercial base in Wuxi, the first wide-body passenger vehicles, MAXUS V80 officially driving down the production line, Managing Director of Shanghai Commercial Vehicles said in an interview with reporters, although not yet officially listed, but MAXUS V80 has signed export orders, according to plan, this year's MAXUS vehicles expected three or four thousand in total sales, 15% of the products to be exported, mainly to achieve this year in Malaysia and South Africa's exports, while the V80 MAXUS back to European plan already under way.

    December 2004, invested 67 million pounds SAIC bought Rover first almost all the technical core of the intellectual property rights, then, through the "integration of the Nanjing Auto" won the NAC with a £ 53 million acquisition of Rover's assets, and through Technology Center and the domestic R & D Center in Europe has in the domestic market of the Roewe and MG products. Has also the MAXUS LDV SAIC acquired the UK assets of the company to build commercial products.

    "These two products have a certain history in Europe," JD.POWER Cengzhi Ling, director of Asia-Pacific market research that, returned to the European market, not only the brand, but there are some inherent dealer network support.

    Back in 2006, MGR European Dealers Association on behalf of his party had 9 visits was NAC MG's, and the development of MG in the country expressed satisfaction. MGR European Dealers Association is the organization of dealers in European countries, covering Europe's leading automobile market. SAIC has been acquired before, LDV's existing 40,000 worldwide holdings.

    Overall, SAIC's international strategy is mainly achieved by three ways.

    First, with the general co-developing Asia-Pacific, South America and other low-end market, the SAIC-GM-Wuling low cost high quality products posted Chevrolet brand introduced to the market, of course, does not rule out future with of these higher end market demand of products to include joint ventures Shanghai GM and independent product or Roewe MG products, the introduction of this system.

    Second, buy back the brand from Europe, through old and new dual channel re-exported overseas or return to Europe, to the more appropriate way to expand the overseas market, and through these years of youth to promote the brand re-create of these brands sales.

    Third, usually with other brands, like the KD model, through forms of cooperation with local groups to achieve overseas production. Reporters learned that in Malaysia, KD Chase MAXUS program has started.

    "It's three ways to have a foundation as the original, relatively safe," a senior auto analyst opinion, Shanghai Automotive will also need to integrate these resources, so that a synergistic effect.

    Reporters learned that, in addition to all the company's overseas division, the Shanghai Automotive Group has set up overseas sales team, former deputy general manager Yu Jingmin of Ssangyong responsible. The project is one of the main group, the co-ordination of overseas resources. If the MAXUS overseas distributors, have to share some MG dealer. MG production base in the UK, but MAXUS is currently no plan to build the plant in the United Kingdom, informed sources said, the future does not rule out the two sides will share the UK production base.

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    Re: After six years, MG SAIC returns to it's roots in Europe

    Post by richardk on Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:47 am

    Some good confirmation there....the Avis deal is for Europe and Maxus production might yet come to Longbridge.


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    Re: After six years, MG SAIC returns to it's roots in Europe

    Post by docjunior2008 on Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:20 pm

    So I could rent a 6 on holiday?

    Woo! Very good promotion! Sales to follow?

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    Re: After six years, MG SAIC returns to it's roots in Europe

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