Next generations Roewe 750


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    Next generations Roewe 750

    Post by richardk on Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:46 am

    Next generation Roewe 750 is already road testing...according to China Car Times

    The Roewe 750 will die in 2012 and be swapped out for the latest generation which will be based on a GM platform, the current 750 has had a good run considering its based on the Rover 75 which was unveiled in 1998 and delivered to customers in early ’99 – a 13 year life span for a modern car is not considered too shabby at all. The next generation is rumored to be based on the GM Epsilon II platform which is shared with the current Buick Regal (Opel Insignia elsewhere), SAIC have taken the platform and called it their own with a series of changes which have made the platform become the BP31 platform under SAIC’s watch. The cars exterior and interior will have a massive change from the current English Gentry style that is carried by the current 750, the engines will also undergo a series of changes according to Chinese media reports – both 2.4L 4cylinder and a 2.0T engine are rumored to be making an entry.

    When this car launches in 2012, the new MG7 is expected to be right behind it. Can the MG6 fastback become an MG7 fastback?

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