Maxus heading for Europe


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    Maxus heading for Europe

    Post by Windy on Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:33 am

    SAIC MAXUS commercial vehicles return to the UK

    Following the return to Britain after MG, SAIC MAXUS commercial vehicle brands will also be followed the return to the UK. Recently, general manager of SAIC's commercial blue pine in an interview with reporters revealed the news.

    However, Europe has at present emission standards to Euro V, and MAXUS emission standards to Euro IV , MAXUS successfully landed in Europe, probably another year.

    "With the current European system of best-selling wide-body passenger Jiangling Transit and Iveco compared to the MAXUS is latecomers, "JD POWER Zengzhi Ling, director of Asia-Pacific market research that:" MAXUS Although does not have the brand However, compared with the first two, independent brands in overseas markets without restrictions, MAXUS would also hope that the success of overseas markets to shape the brand. "

    "The current MAXUS is not yet ready to return to Europe, mainly due to European emission regulations are subject to." Admitted the blue pine. From 1 January 2011 onwards, Europe has implemented the world's most stringent environmental standards "Euro V", the European implementation of the five, including Japan and South Korea before a lot of cars had stopped sales in European countries.

    Reporters learned that the current MAXUS supplier Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. has developed into the full swing, according to plan, a year later, MAXUS will comply with Euro V standard engines .

    LDV Group is located in Birmingham, England was a light commercial vehicle manufacturer, the annual capacity of 13,000. Losses in recent years, has been the acquisition of a Russian car prices, and subsequently by Shanghai Automotive acquired, making it a part of SAIC's commercial program.

    Department of wide-body passenger car market in Europe, although the total amount from the market point of view is not great, but annual sales of about 100,000, but the European system of wide-body passenger car mainly for business users, and as competition is not sufficient, so the relatively high profit margins .

    To Jiangling Transit, for example, sales in 2009 totaled 34,152, up 22% of the JMC (000550) at least more than the profit contribution of $ 300 million, accounted for about 30% of the total profit. Relying on Transit sales, profits JMC has been in the automotive industry is high, the first half of this year the company achieved operating income of 9.222 billion yuan, an increase of 20.14%.

    See also exist in the European passenger car line profit margins, more and more car companies are entering this field, such as JAC M209, east European light-off, Mercedes and so on. "These models of intervention, is likely to break in high-end light bus market basically Nanjing Iveco and JMC Ford Transit Department of the two European brands that monopoly. "Zeng Zhiling think.

    "However, compared with Iveco and JMC Transit, either M209 or MAXUS, the downside is that the impact and visibility being elusive," Zeng Zhiling that, but in the international market, as these two rivals are joint venture, subject to foreign export restrictions, on the contrary brands MAXUS brands in overseas markets is encouraged, in order to bring their own brand products in the market space.

    Reporters learned that, after MAXUS has achieved the market at home and abroad, as reporters time ago, MAXUS
    has received 400 orders from overseas, these orders come from Malaysia and South Africa. Blue Pine said, according to the desired objectives MAXUS 15% of products to be exported.

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    Re: Maxus heading for Europe

    Post by patpending on Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:58 pm

    Nanjing Iveco
    I have to read that as "dimension tan oak".

    But what is "blue pine"?

    Is this saying that, because of emissions regs, we will wait another year to see a new MAXUS with a compliant diesel? What does that tell us about the MG6?

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