Roewe 950 to get SAIC 1.8T engine


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    Roewe 950 to get SAIC 1.8T engine

    Post by Windy on Tue May 22, 2012 12:51 pm

    April 11, 2012, SAIC Roewe 950 in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, the new car equipped with a common 2.0L, 2.4L, 3.0L three engines, launched five models, the price range for the 18.89-31.99 ten thousand yuan. Recently we learned that the Roewe 950 to comply with the procurement policies of public service vehicles - dual 18 "policy and will introduce models equipped with the 1.8T turbocharged engine and the price of less than 18 thousand GBP.

    550,750 and W5 models Roewe's are equipped with the 1.8T engine, not equipped with small displacement supercharged engine as a high-end business models Roewe 950. We learned from the Roewe insiders Roewe 950 will be equipped with its 1.8T turbo engine, with the government procurement official car "18" policy, the expected price will be lowered into the 18 thousand or less. Power, the Roewe 950 will not loose level of performance advantages of the model, it is also so the more excellent of all aspects of a self-models to enter the list of official vehicles, it becomes imperative.

    Roewe 950 from SAIC's Global E platform, which is the SAIC Roewe 350 Globle A platform after a set of strategic platform of the world's leading science and technology. The leading international platform, the Roewe 950 innovative integration of TGI smart direct injection engine, the "CONTIGEAR 6-speed silky manual transmission, the four-way multi-frequency body integrated bus system of the CAN-BUS" and " 10-bit one flagship-level security system, "the four world's leading technology.

    Appearance, due to the large position is a business-type car, so the overall look is very atmospheric, of course, space is adequate. Is very atmospheric, headlights the end leads to an obvious contour and has been extended to the rear, to close at the tail lights, a stronger sense of the level of such a new car, exactly the same large C-pillars and LaCrosse , slightly different, the R95's window line slightly rising at the end of the stern window. High-equipped models will be equipped with LED daytime running lights. The tail design is very thick, rectangular four-type exhaust pipe full of a sense of power, this design is also the same with the LaCrosse.

    Inside, the Roewe R95's interior draws on the design style of the new Buick LaCrosse, three hollow-style steering wheel, center console of the T-word layout shades with interior colors, open wire-stitched leather surface for R95 The interior appears to have more texture. Models equipped with high 8-inch multimedia screen, the rear LCD screen also appears in the high-distribution models.

    Roewe 950 contrast with the similar level of the model vehicle size

    Name of model: Roewe 950, Passat, Camry, Accord, Sounds of Nature
    Length (mm): 4996, 4870, 4825, 4960, 4850
    Width (mm): 1857, 1834, 1820, 1845, 1795
    Height (mm): 1502, 1472, 1485, 1480, 1475
    Wheelbase (mm): 2837, 2803, 2775, 2800, 2775

    Conclusion: Roewe 950 as a mature technology platform to create its own brand vehicles, in addition to a mature technology, with the 1.8T engine compared to the same level of the joint venture model will also have a higher cost-effective. With other models in terms of the autonomy of the domestic, not yet beyond the high-end technology platform and brand influence positioning of the Roewe 950 models, which also makes its independent brands have certain advantages

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