LDV - the War of Words


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    LDV - the War of Words

    Post by Windy on Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:43 pm

    Product plagiarism? SAIC & Dongfeng to fight the "War Of Words"

    "In addition to the SAIC, none of the domestic any business introduced to the way of technology transfer LDV technology." A title of "Shanghai Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. Media Statement e-mail yesterday sent to many of the media-mail, in addition, also attached "LDV, a light vehicle intellectual property transfer contracts".

    An industry source said Shanghai Automotive Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., although there is no explicit reference to competitors name, but obviously referring to the object 19 listed Dongfeng the Yufeng this product.

    Yesterday, the "First Financial Daily reporter, please call the Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng shares") and Dongfeng Xiangyang relevant person in charge of Wagon Co., Ltd., Dongfeng has said that (SAIC) to worry, Dongfeng Yu If the wind to follow the the LDV platform, can not make to the long-wheelbase car.

    For a time, both sides argued. The background of the two sides fought a war of words, the domestic commercial vehicle market have fallen sharply for several months, the enterprises of both sides in which the light passenger car market is precisely the only in the commercial vehicle market segments with growth potential.

    "Li Kui" catch "Li Gui?

    Have been sold in the market for nearly 10 months, SAIC Chase V80 products, light passenger vehicle market only products of the front engine front drive, also a wholly-owned SAIC acquired LDV, LDV light vehicle technology research and development and production of main products.

    May 29 the Dongfeng Norikaze A08 Europe Department of light passenger held in Beijing in professional media test ride test drive at the meeting, the company doing product presentation, frequently mentioned in the introduction of the British LDV technology, "and that" eight service commitment "with the Shanghai Commercial Vehicles Limited (referred to as" SAIC Commercial Vehicle ") to promote Chase V80 8 pledge" the similarity is high, the SAIC commercial vehicles and some unhappy.

    In branding, Dongfeng Yufeng use and financial innovation, the benchmark above, while SAIC Chase compared with international benchmarks. Both quite diametrically opposed to the taste.

    Dongfeng Yufeng 19 was formally listed, but the two competing products has been very strong smell of gunpowder. SAIC Commercial Vehicle Company brand and marketing management, stakeholders feel helpless an interview, "(DF) and not just copy the product, from advertising to after-sales service commitment, to the press release, almost all of plagiarism."

    SAIC commercial vehicle side believes that the most inappropriate place is the east wind should not call their own products, "the introduction of the British LDV technology," We are the only enterprises are eligible to use the technology and trademarks of the LDV SAIC Commercial Vehicle Company Brand and markets, managing director Yang Honghai told this reporter.

    To this end, SAIC Commercial Vehicle Company yesterday officially to the outside world, a statement, said in a statement: "British LDV Company bankruptcy ...... a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC and Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from the United Kingdom ECOCONCEPT LIMITED exclusive to acquisition of all intellectual property rights and interests of the LDV light vehicle technology and trademarks. "

    SAIC commercial vehicles look the Dongfeng Norikaze just listed the Dongfeng the Xiangyang Wagon Co., Ltd. in the the LDV original car reverse development of products. Similar a few years before the domestic independent brand car business generally used in product development - from abroad to buy back the prototype car, after the dismantling of reverse development.

    Regardless of Geely, Chery, BYD and Great Wall have been because of the reverse development has attracted many multinational car firms international lawsuit.

    SAIC MAXUS Chase SAIC, by the international financial crisis in 2008, the British Commercial Vehicle Company - LDV, the company is in financial crisis and discontinued on October 12, 2009 acquisition of the company's tangible assets (factories equipment) and intangible (technology, brand, etc.), and is the exclusive owner. Nearly 30 billion investment SAIC has an internationally competitive light commercial vehicle product platform.

    The behavior of the Dongfeng Norikaze "sugar daddy" Obviously SAIC very uncomfortable. "China as an independent brand is very hard outside foreign-funded enterprises Crimping, crammed There are a bunch of brothers, we do not want to work together to market than done, but runs on each other." SAIC commercial vehicle stakeholders exclaimed.

    Why imitation sales bad product?

    Dongfeng has firmly denied SAIC commercial vehicles questioned.

    Yesterday, Dongfeng shares an insider interview with this reporter, said that as the product of a segment of the market, Dongfeng certainly should study the LDV technology, but also a lot of analysis of the products of other brands in Europe, in the early stage of the product promotions may have mentioned (LDV "), 19 Yufeng listed, there will be the official promotional materials to introduce this product, there is no mention LDV,.

    SAIC Chase too petty, and our side never think, frankly, Chase is now the market is not very good. "Said Dongfeng the Yufeng car sales company marketing to an interview.

    Not have the same parts of the assembly with SAIC, Dongfeng engine used in Nissan, the engine is changed, the appearance, size, volume is not the same, the spatial layout is not the same, the mount point of the car body is not the same no similarity only gearbox, SAIC used five block, I was six block. "these people said.

    As for the the SAIC angry "benchmark." Words, Dongfeng Norikaze claimed its own intended to refer to the "light passenger basis, LDV, technology base rather than SAIC.

    "We believe that LDV is a failed model, SAIC commercial vehicles should find a way together with Dongfeng bigger front precursor market, from the Transit, Iveco market to grab a bigger market." These people frankly.

    Dongfeng to build light commercial vehicle segment, also put a lot of manpower and resources, three years ago, the project started, with a total investment of more than 20 billion.

    Light passenger car market is the only domestic commercial vehicle market to stabilize the area, as opposed to heavy trucks, buses, fell more than 30 percent of the market segments, light passenger remained remarkably stable, national light passenger car market last year, overall sales in about 100 000 Industry insiders estimate that this year the market will be flat with last year, but next year there will be more than 10% increase, a more optimistic view that the light passenger car market next year will remain at more than 20 percent of the market increase.

    In the light passenger car market, competition is not very intense, Transit, Iveco ranked first camp, the market share of around 60 percent, while SAIC Chase, the Dongfeng Norikaze is representative of the European wide-body light off, and JAC is the recruits in this area.

    In fact, many companies are also eyeing a piece of "blue ocean". Incomplete statistics, from 2012 to 2013, the Yellow Bus, Weifang and other vehicle and parts enterprises in the European light-off project will be put into production. By then, the Transit, Iveco strong monopoly of the market will move toward full competition.

    Which is the SAIC commercial vehicles with Dongfeng Yufeng a war of words important reason.

    Faced with the lack of core technology, the domestic independent brand car business in the shaping of the future competitiveness of enterprises, have become extremely cautious.

    Source: http://car.southcn.com/7/2012-06/19/content_48645624.htm

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    A few more words

    Post by Windy on Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:55 am

    "Addition to the SAIC group, any business in the country is not introducing LDV technology to technology transfer. "On June 18, a United Kingdom insolvency LDV commercial vehicle company that caused the two large domestic automobile group intellectual property disputes, as Shanghai Automotive commercial vehicles limited (hereinafter referred to as SAIC-commercial vehicle) issued the statement spells.

      A day later, on June 19, the Dongfeng group light commercial vehicles of the Royal wind listed as scheduled, but did not mention in the official literature from the United Kingdom LDV words such technology.

      Despite statements from SAIC, Dongfeng in tort is silent, but innuendo intentions clear. According to the information held by SAIC, Dongfeng wind in Beijing on May 29 at the media test drive, their products explicitly mentioned in the LDV, "introducing United Kingdom LDV technique from Germany Porsche and United Kingdom the Lotus form to create and draw Japanese engine essence. ”

      "SAIC is rare in domestic automobile factory on intellectual property protection of the most demanding enterprises, hopes that in the subsequent campaigns do not render technology comes from LDV because of SAIC is the only right to using LDV technique enterprises. "SAIC commercial vehicle the person concerned told reporters, are brothers and company, hoped everybody together and put the bigger market segments.

      "It is well known that Dongfeng contact with LDV in the SAIC takeover before, after publicity is the individual conduct of dealers, Dongfeng commercial vehicle in the future no longer appears in the official propaganda of LDV. "On June 19, the Dongfeng commercial vehicle-related person on the phone told the reporter, light passenger car market 98% market share in China by joint venture brands, hope back into its own brand can change the situation.

      Case "imitating"?

      It is clear that the LDV is the source of this infringement controversy.

      LDV company was originally located in United Kingdom Birmingham, a light commercial vehicle manufacturer, main production van, light truck and minibus, MAXUS LDV of the latest products, advanced technology, equipped with high pressure common rail fuel injection engine.

      Dongfeng and LDV's origins began in 2006, when Dongfeng approached the LDV, and interested in buying its light commercial vehicle technology, and in 2007 reached preliminary agreement on technology transfer agreements, but the days of ominous clouds , on August 1, 2006 Russia Gaz Group invested 50 million pounds into United Kingdom LDV's shareholders, new shareholders refused to sell LDV vans technology to dongfeng.

      Dongfeng bolt from the blue is more, the 2009 financial crisis, holds 80% shares of Gaz Group Russia oligarch has decided to sell United Kingdom LDV company, through the twists and turns of strenuous negotiations, SAIC Group on October 12 of that year formally acquired United Kingdom LDV company.

      In order not to SAIC and Nanjing Automobile competition for United Kingdom MG Rover assets recurrence, SAIC Group decided to buy United Kingdom LDV company of all physical (plant) and intangible assets (technology, brand, etc), and exclusive possession.

      It is clear that originated from LDV's advocacy eventually touch the SAIC chase the most sensitive nerves, however, SAIC is unable to accept more easterly wind in the campaigns in the early case of imitation.

      "In addition to the aspects of intellectual property rights infringement, Dongfeng wind programme also imitate us marketing strategy. After-sales service, as we do, Dongfeng wind 8 commitments were also made, but we have higher gold content. "These people said.

      However, SAIC fears most is for brand impact. SAIC Chase survey found , easterly wind in the control console is build on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford transit V348 technology, and in order to increase the number of passengers, chassis structure and parameters of a stretch of changes, only two of the original design wheelbase lengthened to LDV chassis 4210mm.

      "In the absence of a large number of experiments on the chassis before proceeding with this change, will make the product there is a security risk. We worry about Shanghai Guan Sheng yuan and Nanjing guanshengyuan issue, Nanjing guanshengyuan sell poor quality moon cakes, also destroyed Shanghai guanshenyuan brand. "The further indicated that, if the technical uncertainties, also made it clear that comes from LDV technique, once had an accident, had an impact on authentic products originating in LDV technique is.

      Infringement dispute behind is SAIC and Dongfeng light passenger car market development path is different. "Dongfeng hired a few engineers to LDV, and bought back a few prototypes, make their own reverse development. "SAIC insiders told reporters.

      However, Dongfeng does not agree with this characterization. "We did not hire United Kingdom experts of LDV. "These insider of Dongfeng commercial vehicle told reporters," If foreign experts in SAIC and Dongfeng commercial vehicle contact photos, our photo and LDV's early negotiations may be, or a Porsche or pictures of Lotus engineers to Dongfeng visits. ”

      Dongfeng is emphasized, very rich sources of wind technology, Dongfeng will not in the future emphasis on LDV, independent development of Dongfeng commercial vehicle was dominated by me, focused global resource path,

      "Independent research and development, not walked the road to tragedy--I am very bitter, I am independent brands, we came to help me; never walked the road to cottage, because the core was not copied, copying less than temperament. Reverse is a stage of development, if they do not for the time being is to develop, through technical means, such as acquisitions or acquisition of intellectual property rights lawfully obtained, this is the important means to protect intellectual property such as patents. "SAIC chase the person concerned told reporters.

      Competing for the European light passenger car blue sea

      Contention between SAIC and Dongfeng, is in fact both sides are optimistic about China's commercial vehicles--light passenger areas on the only growth market segments, especially the Europe wide-body light passenger car market.

      Currently, SAIC and Dongfeng light passenger car market competing for most market share in joint venture brands. Dongfeng told reporters that now Europe wide body of light passenger car market growing very well, has entered the automobile enterprises are Iveco, transit, Chase, Jac SAIC, then there is the wind. "Dongfeng is the fifth to enter the market, 98% market is a joint venture of brands in this market, hopes its own brand can work together to break the situation. ”

      Actually, as China economic continued development, especially urbanization process of accelerated, to e-commerce mainly of city light logistics will strongly development, this a market of capacity also will further outbreak out, currently in European, wide body light guest sales annually is 1 million-1.2 million Taiwan, and in China annually 120,000 Taiwan around of market sales, but near four years to of average growth over 20%, and including Gold Cup sea lions zainei of entire light guest market of growth only for 2%-3%.

      So-called European wide-body light passenger car, light passenger cars comes from European standards, this compared to conventional light passenger space, security, power, comfort advantage significantly, therefore more welcomed by the market, and because the European technical standards for light passenger cars than Japan and South Korea, so domestic vehicle does not mimic this standard.

      Worth attention of is, commercial car and passenger car of concept full different, commercial car in the of modification car part does not take line production, life cycle more long, a platform Shang production of models according to features of different, can has Shang hundreds of series, this on means with buy a commercial car platform, through constantly to improved can using 10-20 years, and many commercial models of profit far than passenger car.

      Commercial car can in with a platform Shang derivative multiple products, to SAIC MAXUS Chase for cases, its on has van dual-use, and business commuter, and dedicated modification car waiting for Department, covers has nanny car, and Conference with car; applies Yu miniaturization tourism of reception with car; applies Yu city light logistics of logistics with car; dedicated modification car now has in-depth school car, and police works car, and aviation aerospace with car, multiple Seiko industry.

      "We are very optimistic about the market, which is why SAIC invested 3 billion building the factory in Wuxi. "SAIC chase the person concerned told reporters that the listing of SAIC Chase since the end of September last year, sales have reached more than 3,000 vehicles and this year is expected to reach 6% per cent of the market share.

      For overseas markets, SAIC, Chase also has a clear strategy. To date, Chase V80 SAIC had entered South Africa, and Malaysia, Mauritius, Australia, and New Zealand markets. "Next focuses on the development of South-East Asian market, must we be importing them for Europe, because in Europe there are dealer system. "SAIC Chase who finally said.
    Source: http://auto.sina.com.cn/news/2012-06-20/0802989524.shtml

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