Argentine 60s version of Farina Magnette


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    Argentine 60s version of Farina Magnette

    Post by patpending on Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:16 am

    (Not directly related to the expansion of MG in South America, but MG has a history in Argentina, even if not under its own name).

    The Siam di Tella/IKA Riley/ Magnette was built under licence in Argentina in the 60s...

    I saw an article in MGE.

    This is from the Cambridge-Oxford Owners' Club

    Siam Di Tella was (still is) an Argentine company dedicated mostly to the manufacturing of semi-heavy machinery and home appliances. By the dawn of the 60s, when many European car manufacturers installed factories in Argentina, Siam Di Tella reached an agreement with BMC to produce the Cambridge line. The first cars which rolled out the lines in 1961 were made almost entirely of locally assembled British components, but by next year they were fully produced in Argentina (following heavy protectionist government guidelines). All these cars were called "Di Tella", although they were externally identical to the Riley 4/72 family. There was the sedan Di Tella 1500, the station wagon Di Tella Traveller and the pick-up (never produced in England) Di Tella Argentina. All of them were fitted with the 1498cc engine and 3 speed manual column change.

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