Roewe E50 electric vehicle launched


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    Roewe E50 electric vehicle launched

    Post by patpending on Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:38 am

    Priced from 234,900RMB the E50 is good for 190km on a single charge and can hit top speeds of 120kph for those that need to hit the high roads. Power comes from a 16Kw motor in the front with batteries stored in the rear. According to SAIC, 70% of Chinese commuters have daily commutes of under 50km so the E50 is perfect for short distance jaunts.

    The MG3 is about 100,000RMB so the E50 is over twice the price of a small family hatchback the size of a Rover 25 or 2012 VW Polo. I see there are subsidies to be had.

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