MG enters Eire


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    Re: MG enters Eire

    Post by Perkins on Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:28 am


    MG TF LE500 is launched in Ireland


    & C Garages Ltd, the first importer to be appointed for MG Motor UK
    Ltd, based in Churchtown, Dublin is launching the MGTF LE500 on Monday
    16th March at Brown’s Barn, City West Bridge on the Naas Road. Mr
    Corrigan, Managing Director at K & C Garages Ltd said, ‘I am
    delighted to be appointed as importer and distributor for the MG
    franchise in the Republic of Ireland. 2009 marks the beginning of great
    things for the MG brand and our future together. There is no shortage
    of excitement among us as we celebrate this momentous occasion. MG is
    clearly back and a New Journey begins here.’ K & C Garages
    Ltd will be selling the MGTF LE500, which was successfully launched in
    the UK in August 2008 by Longbridge car-maker MG Motor UK Ltd. The
    LE500 is a highly specified mid engined, rear wheel drive soft top
    convertible. Specification includes a Heritage hard top making this
    sports car perfect for summer or winter motoring. With numerous
    technical and cosmetic innovations the LE500 comes with an upgraded N
    series engine, contemporary interior, which includes leather and
    chrome, appealing exterior styling and balanced, comfortable suspension
    and braking systems. Building on the strengths of MGs 85 year
    pedigree and the popularity of the TF, the LE500 has already gained
    plaudits for its unique driving pleasure, high specification and
    finish. Gary Hagen, MG Motor UK Ltd Sales and Marketing Director said,
    ‘Mr Corrigan’s knowledge of the MG brand is virtually unsurpassed in
    Ireland. We couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership, and we are
    committed to provide all support necessary to ensure customer

    Source : MG Motor UK

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