Maxus Vans



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    Maxus Vans

    Post by simcor on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:04 pm

    In 2009, SAIC – a Fortune 500 company and China's largest automaker, pursued its global vision by taking the initiative to engage in a full takeover of the British MAXUS brand - including its intellectual property and technological platform – to introduce MAXUS to China and christen it as "MAXUS."

    MAXUS has undertaken the mission of striving to create the most trustworthy commercial vehicle on the market with first-rate international technical standards. The brand will concentrate SAIC's 30 years of experience in automobile manufacturing, its leading research and development capability and outstanding six main systems to create new waves and technological trends in the development of the international commercial vehicle market, and by means of its acute insights into the Chinese commercial vehicle market comprehensively satisfy the needs of local consumers. SAIC has established a new milestone in the development of Chinese commercial vehicles, and restored the glory of the MAXUS brand.


    So does that mean SAIC do own Maxus 100% now then?

    Interesting to see what happens in the long term. considering the LDV vans were regarded as the worst van pretty much compared to the competition, but we still saw plenty on the roads. Some people who had them rated them highly, I have never driven a Maxus but I did drive the old convoy and they did the job but were pretty rubbish compared to the opposition vehicles.


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    Re: Maxus Vans

    Post by patpending on Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:12 am

    Yes, SAIC make the vans, having bought LDV off the liquidators, but clearly Dongfeng are clsiming they have some rights following the failed Russian venture.

    SAIC-made Maxus vans are being branded LDV for export (here they go to Oz in October):

    I see also:

    SAIC currently possesses a knockdown factory in Southeast Asia assembling its commercial vehicles for sales in Malaysia, Myanmar and other countries. The manufacturer also signed an agreement to sell commercial vehicles in Chile earlier this year. Its first batch of 102 vehicles was exported to South Africa last month [July]. It seems only a matter of time before SAIC finally makes the jump to Europe.

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