SAIC Maxus V80 RV - the Chinese VW Campervan


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    SAIC Maxus V80 RV - the Chinese VW Campervan

    Post by Windy on Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:13 am

    SAIC Maxus the second quarter of RV experience weekend ride open

    The development of the modern city, the extension of Highway infinity become increasingly blurred boundaries between urban and rural, a lot of people are used to ease in the steel and concrete of the city's thicket, over time, increasingly spend for the spirit of exploration of new things. With the advent of the information revolution, a "backpacker travel culture began to spread in microblogging and major forum," Beijing Youth, "the hit of this cultural phenomenon is more significant. The SAIC Maxus in China's emerging lifestyle changes, combined with the advanced international tourism and cultural, exclusively for the Chinese people is to create a self-driving tour of the RV new model based on the concept of RV travel.

    Before launched by SAIC Maxus , "a new journey, heart enjoy the RV experience first quarter activities is concluded, the activities were widespread attention and praise of the community, many of them unable to participate in the activities of users screaming is not fun. In order to meet the needs of more tourist enthusiasts for the RV experience, the second quarter of the journey in the extensive network of collection and screening, smoothly open.

    Of SAIC Maxus RV experience activities in the second quarter of the trip departure ceremony

    The SAIC Maxus continue the theme of the first quarter new journey, heart to enjoy "concept to express the concept of natural that people want to touch, with nature. Ensure the safety and comfort of the premise, driving a saloon car to travel will gradually replace the "sleep on the train, off camera," the traditional mode of travel, travel tourism in the future, "the new darling of. Meanwhile, in order to allow more people to experience the charm of the RV Travel, the trip will be January 19, 20, Jan. 26, the 27th to stay in Dali and Kunming invitation love traveling, advocating adventure, the pursuit of life experience with friends to enjoy the RV trip, to spend the weekend with the good times. Log of SAIC Maxus activities official website the ride page can enroll.

    It is reported that this "ride experience" aimed at the public to create an exclusive RV travel opportunities, enjoy the RV MICE fun, heart to enjoy "exchange Maxus appropriate respect for the RV-depth tasting. I believe that love Vals trip experience staff who put in thousands of miles can feel not only the free exercise of passion and fearless, high-end RV traveling comfortable quality of life can also enjoy Maxus.

    Of SAIC Maxus RV internal display

    Improvement of living standards brought about a change in the concept of living, short-haul "micro-tourism" has been unable to relieve the pressure of modern urban life, they are more willing to choose the way of long-distance travel to relax, while the sedan passenger MPV and traditional nature has been unable to meet the requirements of modern high-quality travel SAIC Maxus is to see it launched a high-end value Maxus RV, and favored by consumers. SAIC Maxus for the urban population's "new journey, heart to enjoy" RV sojourn life philosophy completely conform to the trend of the times, the Central European room car's powerful jointly build the room the car has plenty of interior space, with a dining table, leather sofa, refrigerator, LCD TV, telephone, fax printer, perfect car facilities, but also required the sofa tiled into a spacious and comfortable bed to meet the various needs of the outdoor tourism enthusiasts.

    Domestic commercial vehicle brand, SAIC Maxus has been in a leading position, and actively practice the concept of environmental protection and social responsibility. Its product combines the advantages of the three aspects of the economy, comfort, stability, and brought a new ride experience for consumers, and to establish contact with the public, the latest building results to share with the public, and RV hobbies makers to explore new philosophy of life and lifestyle.

    RV English name Recreational the Vehicle, referred to as the RV; can think of it as "home on the wheel. Saloon cars usually have a bedroom, living, toilet, kitchen and other functional areas; equipped with air conditioning, audio system, toilet, vanity, cabinets, cooking utensils and other equipment, a large area of ​​the window, enjoy the scenery on the road anytime, anywhere convenient; cover the ground with pale yellow carpet, soft package Custard inner wall together with logs decoration, does have the flavor of a home.

    SAIC Maxus appropriate respect for the RV-based SAIC Maxus classic business models V80 platform, the Central European Touring Car class saloon cars supporting vendors work together to create both outstanding commercial vehicle dynamic control, comfort, and RV "family style" driving function. RV users of the quality and workmanship of the product is very picky, SAIC Maxus the nine international benchmarks to be forward-looking, three trade advantage, not only to provide consumers with a high starting point, high-quality, high standards of commercial vehicle products for high-end RV large-scale production to provide protection. The same time, its distribution / sales service system also provided for the purchase and use of the user's guarantee. More product information can be query SAIC Maxus official website


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