Egypt: New MG factory


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    Egypt: New MG factory

    Post by Windy on Fri May 24, 2013 3:23 am

    Roewe 750 MG brand into Egypt by SAIC passenger test the waters overseas brand marketing

    Following the MG brand and Thailand Chia Tai Group to enter the Thai market this year after June SAIC will cooperate with Egypt a factory, a way to take CKD production of the Roewe 750 models, but the use of the MG brand.

    With CKD factory production, SAIC brand overseas strategy will be further restructuring, range from small to test the waters of international trade, to enter the "brand" of the output stage, SAIC own brand passenger cars in overseas markets will also benefit from last year's sales target The 10,000 increase to 12,000 this year.

    Following the MG brand in the overseas market steadily after SAIC own brand products to CKD way into Egypt. In June this year, SAIC business cooperation with Egypt CKD plant will be put into production, SAIC passenger car output to this plant technology licensing, production Roewe 750 models.

    Previously, the MG brand Roewe models by small-scale export overseas, this time in the Egyptian market, the Roewe 750 will hang MG brand identity. Passenger Vehicle Company SAIC Roewe brand marketing operations director Liu Tao said Roewe and MG dual brand positioning, Roewe brand positioning for the domestic market, and exported overseas MG brand more recognizable.

    According to Jiang Jun introduction, SAIC is working with the Chia Tai Group will negotiate the MG brand into the Thai market a full range of products, not only that, SAIC still further build the marketing team stationed in Thailand to promote the MG brand in Thailand market promotion.

    It is understood that SAIC joint venture with Thailand after plans to launch the product in 2014, and gradually formed the production scale 50,000 annually; thereafter within ASEAN joint venture will take advantage of tax incentives, the introduction of more products, and strive to achieve capacity planning 200,000.

    Beginning this year, SAIC passenger marketing strategy in overseas markets, will also benefit from the initial trade marketing to gradually shift brand marketing. SAIC vice president Jiang Jun Passenger Vehicle Company Limited, said: "Previously, SAIC own brand in the overseas models partial trade type, brand promotion is largely dependent on a few good channels and local agents this year, SAIC in the international market, especially some of the heavyweight market, the brand strategy will be implemented. "It is reported that SAIC passenger cars in overseas markets will establish marketing agency, to achieve territorial management.

    According to SAIC insiders say, when the MG brand in Thailand after a firm foothold, SAIC commercial vehicle brands Maxus will also be expected to take into Thailand Chia Tai channels.

    With the domestic market competition intensifies, more and more car companies eyeing overseas markets. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics show that in 2012, the domestic export volume of more than 1.05 million cars, including Geely, Chery and Great Wall and other independent car prices in overseas markets to get a good market performance.

    In contrast, the "army" on its own car brand export business is still to be developed. Data show that in 2012, although the realization SAIC vehicle exports nearly 100,000, ranking fourth in the country, but its own brand export volume of 10,000 or so.

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